Zhengzhou, a car repair shop in open-air painting violations Will face a fine of more than $ 20,000

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In recent days, Zhengzhou Is shrouded high temperature, ozone “hot rebellion”, Zhengzhou access to air quality, ozone repeatedly appears in the “primary pollutants” column. Dahe Reporter has learned that at 0:24 on July 1, Zhengzhou Municipal Environmental Office Will tackle ozone pollution control adjusted to the weather mild to moderate control, Zhengzhou city, dIstrict environmental protection system by one investigation to Auto repair, printing and other business-related VOCs, high temperature time Is strictly prohibited spray painting operations, identify problems and to suspend, strict punIshment.

Zhengzhou a Car repair shop in open-air painting violations Will face a fine of more than $ 20,000

July 26 morning, the strict implementation of Jinshui moderate ozone control measures, the front line law enforcement personnel to troubleshoot the problem. 26 am, law enforcement officers found in the inspection, Zhengzhou City Wanfeng Automotive repair shop uncommitted moderate weather ozone pollution control measures, and open-air painting operations, law enforcement personnel at the scene the first time the unit Issued the order a correction notice, requiring the company to immediately stop the violations, and to initiate an investigation.

Jinshui DIstrict Environmental Protection Bureau deputy director Wang Dongliang Dahe told Reporters that the next step, according to the first paragraph of Article 108 of the “People’s Republic of U.S. Air Pollution Prevention Law” (a) item, the unit Will face 20000 more than 200,000 yuan of adminIstrative penalties, and Will be included in the “industrial enterprIses in Zhengzhou City, integrity platform supervIsion system.”

According to the Panel’s work PM2.5 informed Zhengzhou City Jinshui ozone concentration and monthly average concentration of the city’s countdown rankings, and the ozone problem Will worsen as effectively curb summer ozone pollution index prevent pollution rebound, EPA area Is the area of ​​the dIscharge step VOCs printers enforcement supervIsion, control individually related gas company accounting Mopai comb. DIstrict Environmental Protection Bureau present a punIshment for the printing industry, and ordered a limited production.

one Auto repair industry Is ozone control of key industries, since thIs summer, Jinshui Environmental Protection Agency for the aftermarket industry has filed nine, five penalties, other cases are being programmed apply in advance.

Is slightly more Zhengzhou ozone pollution, theseIndustry Is the focus of management and control objects

Reporters learned that Zhengzhou ozone normalization control between April 1 to September 30 date, and implement hierarchical control measures. When

The “weather Zhengzhou City ozone pollution control program”, one-day light pollution ozone greater than 160 micrograms / cubic meter or less 215 micrograms / cubic meter, the implementation of light pollution ozone Control. Ozone pollution single day> 215 when micrograms / cubic meter, the implementation of moderate or severe ozone pollution control.

Is slightly more ozone pollution control, involving the production of VOCs emIssion peak load shifting step, 8:00 to 18:00 dIscontinued. The city gas stations, oil depots and tanker loading and unloading of oil suspended at 10:00 am to 3:00 pm. 10:00 am to 3:00 pm forbidden conduct of the wall painting, welding, crossed municipal roads, municipal railing stencilled work. Furniture manufacturing, Automotive, paints, packaging and printing industries involving VOCs emIssions Is one of the key process control object.

in these sectors which processes associated with ozone, Reporters learned that the furniture manufacturers paint, spray painting, baking and other processes involving VOCs emIssions; aftermarket industry spray painting process; paint manufacturers, packaging printing business ink transfer, printing, drying, laminating, perfect binding and other related production VOCs emIssion peak load shifting step.


In July, these enterprIses, construction sites and in violation of ozone pollution control exposure

July 9 to July 25, Zhengzhou Municipal environmental pollution prevention Steering group, City of dust control Office and other in the key areas, focusing on time to check the exposure of the site in violation of ozone pollution management and control:

through the open area Zhengzhou international logIstics Park Lung Drainage, Feng River improvement project, in violation of control Carried out earthwork job, the job site without any dust suppression measures, loess exposed about 20,000 square meters; Huiji transport and Kai Park project in violation of the requirements of the temporary control of earth and stone work; Jinshui Tian Lun Wah Yuet wind project sales department, in violation of a temporary control, two digging machines without earthwork operations, without any dust suppression measures during the work, and the shower enclosure Is not turned on.

July 26 to July 27, part of the violation of ozone pollution control, illegal operation of the garage was exposed, as follows:

the way the Office of Henan sea 4S shop polIshing workshop Is not confined to cotton and activated Carbon for a long time not replaced, there Is waste oil spill phenomenon; create enjoy suspected illegal Car repair painting, there are traces of paint, hazardous waste management Is not standardized; Meritus aftermarket exhaust gas treatment facilities only cotton filters light and oxygen, no activated Carbon; unmarked garden Road office of vehicle maintenance Ltd. Henan Chi temporary storage of hazardous waste between; iron monkey Zhengzhou City Automotive services Limited hazardous waste Is not standardized between staging; Xingda Road Office divine concrete mixer station, Hengda concrete mixing plant silos confined strictly; Xiang Qi Dongfeng Road Office Goodrich Auto Repair not cotton to be replaced, not standardized between hazardous waste; MediaTek cotton land Hanteng aftermarket replacement Is not timely, hazardous waste among non-standard; Sheng Xiang Da garage to replace the cotton Is not timely, hazardous waste between the waste oil leakage serious.

Source: Client river Editor: Zhang Yanyan