You usually a regard for hIs own car? Take a look at how other people to protect their own car!

Car needs maintenance ThIs Is true, but some riders too Care of the Car, can often make a lot of people “amazing” act. And just beside me there Is such a friend.

called hIs horse, old the horse Is doing electrical repairs, bought a Accord, which under the old horse home to liven up, wife busy buying wool, you can not imagine her to be doing, the last to know the horse with hIs wife wool to handbrake, gear lever respectively, a knitted sleeve. You’re not wrong, just as the image above (not the original). I was shocked, and the Automatic transmIssion with a big red wool jacket, really not a good feeling in their hearts. Manual transmIssion, better said, often shifting to use, the use of low-speed Automatic transmIssion frequencies, so really no need to set it up.

The figure Is 13 paragraph, with the same old horse, coupled with a large red wool jacket, they want that picture of you go. Too happy.

It also Is not old horse home only two blocks, three minutes’ walk, away from hIs repair shop. Just two days to mention Cars are open every day commuting Car, people are not up to the water, I told you to say thIs horse ran very good, a little fee Car, the next day the old horse came just after I said: today, yes, I am first hot Car, and the water temperature normal me to open. No way, I had to nag great detail elaborate a bit long and short dIstance travel harm long-situ hot Cars harm, ultimately decided not to drive a horse, ride electric vehicles commuting or walking, the Car in the shop in doing official business with.

However, a horse not able to idle live people, not two days has found work had been done: the Car wash! Acquire a high-pressure air Is blown engine compartment, began to blow after the Car wash finIshed, washing liquid that what Is necessary, after washing to get water-soaked rag to dry clothes immediately take the Car hood, which Is to keep the rhythm mushroom ah! Ranging from water dIstribution to cover up a tight finIsh, which Is not long damp moldy mushroom ah.

Later in my continued guidance and patience, the horse finally not so fanatical Car, but we often take these embarrassing stories to tell jokes about the old horse.

I’m a relatively cherIsh Car people – a motorcycle.

my motorbike if dirty and never overnight, come back no matter how late, be sure to wipe clean and we have to give up, it would be kind of obsessive-compulsive dIsorder it!

When the rider Is not in winter tires 1/3 pressure let go, the rubber to avoid fatigue cracks.

and then add a layer of the tire sidewall faint Vaseline, petrolatum because the rubber Is a good skin Care products, can soften the rubber, the price Is cheap.

decentralized take home battery, the battery Is low enemy. Every three weeks on one charge and maintain the battery’s charge, however small.

have to have the vehicle cover.

put a clean gasoline Carburetor.

ride spring preparations Will get a new engine oil.

chain spray degreasing cleaning agent with W├╝rth professional clean after ten minutes like the chain cleaning agent remaining volatiles, diesel brush chain, then the multi-chain rag diesel clean.

my Car Is not a big joint venture products, but more than seven years, a new Car and the Car Is basically not much difference.

wire wheels rub off, no trace of rust. Vehicle paint …… (myself matte paint, so it Is not the kind of bright shiny rub effect). No engine noIse, which has no Carbon, and powerful. Vehicle circuit devices all work.

me if that Is not too much Care of it the Car? Welcome to comment!

All right! Besides I know a man, thIs man loves Cars, morbid levels.

Once the Car Is rubbed a little under half dIstressed, 4S send repair shop.

mention Car, wearing a glasses to test the Car, the reception girl green face, muttered, “What kind of see the Car, your Car can not withstand such inspection …… “

literally rework twice, only give ……

Preparation of the Car a few different sizes wool brush, Why use?

designed to clean the inside of the slit center console of the instrument panel and the like of dust ……

wipes least 10 or more, each each divIsion, what rag where there are strict rules ……

never wash out, he opened the faucet while washing the unit ……

forgot to say, thIs man Is a unit driving the Car Is the bus, imported Passat B4, then considered a good Car.

thIs thing 20 years ago , I wonder if the man can now also well?

feel that they cherIsh Car, more than the others to mark 98 years even Wuyang, sun and rain for two years, before the shock and engine oil spills everywhere, sounds like a tractor. After replacing the tail lamp headlight, odometer core, mileage line, line speed, mileage teeth, each of the chain parts and a small original, snare drum clutch, the actuating lever, four turn signal scrap, scrap sitting package, scrap shelves, new bumpers andNew original exhaust pipe.

In other words, when the clutch snare drum, a lot of sludge in the engine, scrubbing with a brush dipped in gasoline at a clutch assembly housing body. Remove all the friends call to lift the engine with gasoline to wash, do not bother to five hundred kilometers on the use of oil changed every way, has eight box oil change (four boxes of Shell Car oil, cleaning ability Is great, every time put out black oil the shiny. later, for ordinary mineral oil). Now a ninth cassette horsepower speed semi-synthetic oil, engine sounds nice, and also strong and fast speed. Two people riding, relaxed eighty yards.

A few days ago and replaced the front and back of a positive new scrap tire, scrap air filter, the new AMD battery. Replacing the coil and the full-wave rectifier, charging effect good!