Yellow paint bleak, a coup easily resolved, only tens of dollars! Old car a new car

yellow paint bleak, a coup easily resolved, only tens of dollars! Old Car a new Car!

now the color of our domestic mainstream Car on the road should be black and white, the two colors of the Car can be said to be the most commonly seen, and many owners believe that the most resIstant to the white Car dirty, so many owners Is because of thIs reason it chose white, black Car Is also very obvious advantages, the appearance looks more atmospheric than the white body.

If the color Is black a long time to open a little better, even longer and black body also becomes most dim, but white Is different open longer Will find not only the surface of the paint color becomes gradually dim, but also yellow, good Car instantly becomes difficult to see a scrap Car.

and the white Car in addition to a major drawback, many owners have found very easily when summer driving provoke insects, each time behind the wheel came home and found the bodies of position has a lot of bugs on the front license plate number, the bodies of these insects stopped at the surface of the Car if the owner does not promptly treated, it can also cause long drive in some of the paint surface damage.

In fact, a way of trying to solve a very simple and many owners have done, Is to add a layer of foil surface of the Car, Once the Car film can effectively protect the Car’s paint Will not let it become bleak and paste film after Car wash it Is also very fast, from here you can see a lot of benefits in the future of Automotive films.

As the film more and more vehicles thIs industry Is more developed, and now the price Is not too expensive a film foil tens of dollars to complete, if the owner Is never too much trouble can also be purchased directly from the internet then you can paste your own, you can also go to the Car wash to help them make their own film, now a Car wash any store or repair shop has a more formal such a service.

A Car can accompany us a few decades, if the owners want to make it good for a long time in our side, we Will need Careful Care in the process, the only way it can a relatively new face to show in front of everyone, we did not go to hIs Car film it? How much do they spend?