Xiamen shutting down ban on “scattered pollution” an automobile repair shop Tongan ecological Bureau

Ningde implement long river system so that flood control on the Fast Track

In recent years, Jiaocheng adhere to the river long as leveraging source control fulcrum downstream wen, left and right banks the same tube, with Care cadres, flood force actually formed, Care serves as a source. River long run, “a river a file of a policy” river archives, the EPA’s “blue water” special environmental enforcement actions, “pigsty clean up” the agricultural sector, housing construction bureau of “water and sanitation,” Water Conservancy Bureau implementation of small hydropower “minimum ecological flow dIscharged” and so on, and concerted efforts of various departments, the system of governance, to promote the Jiaocheng “long river system” implemented. Today “Is the gold and silver mines Guanghui” concept has been firmly establIshed, Jiaocheng adhere to the rivers and industrial development, rural tourIsm, combined with the construction of beautiful countryside, strengthen the management of water resources protection, not only to keep the river clear, more retain the beautiful nostalgia.

dam ecological engineering unit Quanzhou Shan Mei construction of the main reservoir was completed in October pass the water test run

recently with the last party pouring concrete in place, under the witness of the parties participating in the construction of Fujian’s first ecological unit – US mountain Reservoir dam ecological engineering construction of the main unit successfully completed. Project start date a total investment of about 13 million yuan(CNY)(CNY) to complete the project, and mechanical and electrical equipment have arrived at the scene. Construction of the main completed, the project was officially transferred to sign a comprehensive electrical and mechanical equipment installation phase, expected by the end of October thIs year can pass the water test run, Will further improve the utilization of water resources, improve the ecological environment effectively repair the downstream river.

Fuzhou renovation construction noIse pollution

In Fuzhou, Jinan DIstrict, there are residents Anting Road Park, site of the left bank of the night construction noIse nuIsance, chemical after the owners renovated the road Rongxin sea noIse and other Issues. In thIs regard, Jinan DIstrict Urban Management Bureau was the first time have been processed. For financial letter Houhai owners renovated the noIse problem, urban management departments have interviewed relevant personnel, require property companies to strengthen management, supervIsion and decoration company in strict accordance with the relevant provIsions of the construction, and Will actively cooperate with public security departments to investigate and deal with thIs type of noIse nuIsance problems. Jinan DIstrict Urban Management Bureau official said three squadrons Will continue to strengthen supervIsion and inspection efforts to increase, once dIscovered the site without authorization Carry out operations within the time limit, according to the phaseOff provIsions.

Xiamen Tongan old mining caves fall into the garbage, multi-sectoral joint clean-up regulation

August 5, the city received a Tongan Governor of Fujian turn forwarded the letter [2020] No. 191-16 petition parts, reflecting the content of the “big town next to Hong large rural village primary schools have an old mining caves, exIsting illegal piling lime, living, where industrial waste , next to the grotto stream pollution. ” After receiving the parts, the dIstrict government attaches great importance to immediately organize relevant departments to the scene investigation. The field view, the mining caves on the eastern side part of a stacked higher ground construction waste (including lime pile) and a small amount of household waste, an area of ​​about 865 square meters, the site Is more messy. But no industrial waste in the mining caves, and no surrounding streams. Further in-depth investigation learned that, because of the large rural area and located at the junction of the Tun, two villages blurred and backfill mining caves, usually poor management, leading some villagers surrounding the building for the convenience of soil and garbage head life garbage piled up in here. The face of the problems identified, the relevant departments immediately organized the clean up garbage at the dump sites, the soil piled head construction, garbage and other clean-Sinotrans, restore the original appearance of the grotto. At the same time, clear the area of ​​responsibility of units, strengthen field management, has been superseded by the responsible units in 2020, August 8 implementation fenced operations in the region (including reservoirs), expected to be completed by 2020, August 15, to prevent the recurrence of the phenomenon of dumping .

EPA completed in the second quarter of Xiamen Siming sources random sampling inspection

2020 March 30, according to Siming Branch checks prescribed proportion (25% key sewage units, the general sewage unit 1: 6) randomly generate a lIst of 16 check-quarter 2020 relates to two key enterprIses, 14 enterprIses in general. Environmental law enforcement officers are focused on the implementation of on-site inspection unit checks the operation of pollution prevention and control facilities, pollutant emIssions, as well as the EIA “three simultaneous”, emIssion permits, hazardous waste management, environmental management systems. As of June 30 2020, all the tasks required to complete the inspection, the area of ​​the extraction of 16 industrial enterprIses were normal, we did not find the ring violations.

XiamenTongan ecological Bureau closed down or banned “scattered pollution” an Automobile repair shop

Tong’an DIstrict of Xiamen received a petition that reflects a xinminzhen Citrus Ridge was on the board of a Car repair shop air compressor noIse nuIsance, nuIsance odors into the paint, sewage drains straight question. After investigation, the Car repair shop premIses without obtaining the “construction project planning license”, without obtaining the “drainage permit”, did not apply for establIshments for the record, did not apply for the construction project environmental impact assessment procedures, should belong to the banned shutting down “scattered dirty “business. July 26, the day of the relevant departments of the company’s factory sector organizations in the west and north of the daytime noIse monitoring (the company does not operate at night), the monitoring results at boundary north of 58dB, the factory sector west of 55dB (standard limit of 65dB) The results are standard. July 27, area law enforcement officers at the hut Issued in accordance with law “adminIstrative enforcement notice” and “ordered to correct the violation notice.” July 30, Xinmin Town Tongan people’s government to ban the company to Carry out the work. July 31 DIstrict Urban Management Bureau law forced demolition of illegally built metal, demolition of illegally built area of ​​54.8 square meters, now the company has ceased operations, the scene has been evacuated.

Nanjing County and Town Reconstructing scale pig farms, out of the new model of comprehensive management of water environment – manure resource flood upgrade

and Town Creek bucket meters total length of 9.2 km river, watershed area of ​​about 22 square kilometers, flows through the village rice bucket, Fu Ying village. All along, due to the excessive scale pig breeding farms, sewage straight row, row chaos and sewage straight row of other Issues, Dou River Basin water quality in the long-term bad V category. In recent years, Zhangzhou explore the implementation of “source reduction, process control, resource utilization, industrial development,” the new path, the whole city to promote livestock waste resource utilization efficiency, vigorously promote the livestock and poultry facilities, large-scale, standardization, ecological farming, livestock and poultry livestock Farms in efforts to solve the water pollution caused by straight rows, improve the environment and watershed drinking water safety, the formation of a new model comprehensive management of water environment upgrade – manure by wet and dry separation, membrane after filtration layers and other aspects of the processing tank, fresh water fIsh can dIscharge standards, the dry manure can be processed into organic manure fermentation. The utilization of livestock and poultry manure, dung realize the whole process without external emIssions, reducing water pollution, but also turning waste into treasure, has multiple purposes.

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