World’s top ten ranking automotive glass, automotive glass brands lIst

Automotive glass Is safety and security of occupants, able to shelter us, but also provide a good line of sight for us. However, the glass parts subject to wear, when the glass Is damaged, the need for timely replacement, should choose a good quality Automotive glass. Today, many Automotive glass brands on the market, varying quality, to our purchase brought some difficulties. To facilitate the purchase, small series to sort out a glass Car brands lIst, here’s a look with the world’s top ten Automotive glass ranking it.

world’s top ten Automotive glass ranking

1, Pilkington

Pilkington Is one of the world’s largest glass production group, founded in Britain in 1826, Bentley, Ferrari, Mercedes, BMW and other luxury Cars are made of world-class professional gear Pilkington manufacturing windscreen, after acquIsition by Nippon sheet glass Co., Ltd.


Asahi Glass Co., Ltd., a Japanese company glass products, glass products for the world’s second largest company, founded in 1907 has more than one hundred years. Asahi Glass products for a variety of glass products and semi-finIshed products, and a small amount of chemical products, the target for LCD manufacturing, Automotive, lighting, construction and so on.

3, Saint-Gobain

Saint-Gobain Is a major French multinational in the Car glass field, ranking third in the world, in Europe, in the country mainly for Volkswagen, General Motors, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Dongfeng Peugeot Citroen, NIssan and other major edging provide the windscreen and side windows.


Sheet Glass Co., Ltd., a Japanese glass manufacturer, in 2006, he purchased the BritIsh Pilkington, one of the world’s four major glass manufacturing company.

5, plusDean

Guardian Glass Group Is one of the world’s largest flat glass company, Is one of the world’s four major glass manufacturing company.

6, Fuyao

Fuyao Glass Is U.S.’s largest Automobile manufacturers support and also the largest, highest level of technology, export volume of the largest Automotive glass supplier.

7, Lutheran

Xinyi Glass Holdings Limited, Is a global glass industry chain one of the major manufacturers, one of America’s largest Automotive glass manufacturers.

8, CSG

CSG into joint ventures, United States one of the earliest lIsted companies, but also the American glass industry’s most competitive and influential large enterprIses.

9, Yaohua

Yaohua company Is the domestic industry technology strong, technology, equipment, testing means complete, integrated set of functions FRP research, design, production, testing, and service as one of the key enterprIses.

10, gold crystal

gold crystals are U.S. flat glass standards, it Is also pioneer of American ultra-white glass products, product quality and performance has been highly appreciated by the industry and the community.