World car brands lIst, ranking the world’s top ten car companies

Today, social progress, people’s incomes rIsing, the Car has become routine for many people. Of course, driving more people, but people who understand the Car but little, but at the time of purchase, brand positioning Is very important to buy the right brand Is basically half the battle. Given the world Car brands lIst based on the findings of foreign well-known research institutions, once the world’s top ten Car companies to look at what are now ranked. .

1 Mercedes-Benz

Brand value: 43.93 billion US dollars

Although Toyota had been ranked first in the lIst, but Mercedes-Benz successful counter-attack in 2019, as the oldest Automobile brand, Is also the inventor of the Car, already have a mature technology, on the growth path of the Car has been the backbone of play, not just a gimmick to win Mercedes-Benz. And under the new generation of products to promote the successful implementation of homeopathy back to the top of the long-cherIshed wIsh.

2 Toyota

brand value: 43.701 billion US dollars

Toyota has been the world’s most valuable Automobile brand, one of the world’s largest Automaker, has been well received in terms of reliability, “Car to the front Will there Is a road, a road there Toyota “Is also well-known, referred to as Toyota does not really bad. More famous Toyota Corolla, Prado, Highlander and so on. However, due to decline in Toyota, Mercedes-Benz Cars in homeopathic growth in the US market, making Mercedes-Benz rose to first place. .


Brand value: 41.79 billion US dollars

brand value of the world’s Automotive brands lIst the top three have exceeded 40 billion yuan mark, BMW Is one of them, although the upper hand, but Mercedes-Benz has not lost aura. BMW Is the manufacture of aircraft engines had started, go to the Car afterField, so the application of technology to the Automotive engine part of the body, the process Is quite vIsible quality guaranteed. .

4 public

Brand value: 33.67 billion US dollars

in the world ranking lIst of the top ten Car companies Volkswagen brand’s performance can be “high noon” to describe, was also among the “Fortune” Global 500 sixth in 2019 bit, and the public also created many gods Cars such as the Jetta, Passat, Lavida and so on, to keep in the forefront maintained for a long period of time in the sales chart, while its golf, Beetle, Passat and other models are the generation of the classic. And Volkswagen Is twelve sub-brands, including Porsche, Volkswagen, Lamborghini, Skoda, Bentley, Bugatti, Audi, Scania, MAN, SEAT, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Ducati and so on, covering almost high , medium and low end. .

5 Honda

Brand value: $ 22,132,000,000

Honda first impression Is reliable, not only resIstance to opening of the engine but the failure rate Is very low. Which represents models are the Honda Accord, 2014 has become one of the world’s safest Cars. Of course, now it Is the generation of the CR-V Car God, even to Toyota RV4 only at the back, vIsible Honda Motor Co. ranked in the world top ten also have a place. .

6 production

brand value: 19.376 billion US dollars

NIssan performance Car brand in the world rankings can be described as “steadily” and one of “three heroes Japanese” buy Honda engine has been described as delivery vehicles while some people think NIssan Is to buy seats to send the Car, the other biggest advantage lies in the comfort of NIssan, if as a home, NIssan Is definitely preferred.

7 Porsche

brand value: 19.055 billion US dollars

Porsche positioning as a luxury brand BMW than Mercedes-Benz, strength can not be ignored, as the rIse in recent years in the US market, and influence in the world also Will be increased, can be reflected from one of the best profit margins in its class . .

8 Ford

brand value: 17.294 billion US dollars

Ford of the United States as the largest single brand, once in 2019 to 2.46 million in performance to win a single brand US sales champion. But Ford’s major markets in North America, Europe and the United States, while sales in the US market, poor performance, of course, also affect the position of the world ranking Car brand in the. .

9 Audi

brand value: 14.951 billion US dollars

Although Audi dominate the US market for many years, has been with “official Car” aura, although the impact of the global Auto market Is still not comparable to the Mercedes-Benz BMW, perhaps friends said it Is a second-tier luxury brand it. The most recent models of the new generation have an impact on brand sales. .

10 Chevrolet

brand value: 12.822 billion US dollars

I believe many people know only Transformers Bumblebee Chevrolet brand Is a younger brother. Performance in the North American and European markets Is still quite good, inexpensive targeting civilian vehicles, many families have a choice. But to enter the US market late, with the United States that thIs situation Is a sign of the Cross hospital, but also to some extent affected the Chevrolet ranked in the world top ten Car companies.