Women’s rent Ferrari 458, out of control rain hit the guardrail, also hit a BMW, maintenance costs nearly a million

REVIEW: rent a Ferrari 458 women, out of control rain hit the guardrail, also hit a BMW, maintenance costs nearly a million

at all times We must remember safety first, no matter what things are not as important to our security, especially in some special circumstances, the more secure we need to pay attention. For example, encountered bad weather conditions, go be wary.

rainy days go by Car if it Is, then you had better be Careful, there Is a pedestrian road vehicles, had a bit more slippery floor hindered the Car forward , opened the general’s Car if anything unforeseen circumstances we are concerned about anxiety, it Is a luxury Car if anything about the situation Is even more dIsturbing the.

Zhejiang open a Ferrari on the road a woman could go out in the rain accidentally hit a roadside fence, and rub a BMW Car, BMW Car and guardrail therefore compensation for damage need not say, to open hIs own Ferrari beyond recognition, if the cost of repairs require hundreds of million, but also own rented Car, Car kinda old, just three or four years with a one thousand One day money phone screen Is broken, and if Na Quxiu, spent so long feeling did not need to be replaced, but not Na Quxiu it, the phone can also use other things are not bad, kinda thrown directly Unfortunately, it Is to repair or not repair Is an Issue of it.

rainy weather Car Is supposed to be cautious, not to mention a good Car Is rented it, the lady rented Car because thIs Car Is less easy to control, but also travel in the rain, less familiar outside the vehicle plus a variety of reasons encountered the horrors of such an accident, but also very sad thing, think about thIs Car just rented a few days had not been driving it on addiction thIs accident happened, the Car has become has become mIserable like thIs, the mind Is what it’s like ah.

own rental Car to be repaired, hit the guardrail and BMW also need to compensate, thIs calculation down to the money spent not a small number ah, no matter Car glass Is damaged or broken lights, or what’s the problem bumper, the matter Will be responsible. After all, away from home, no matter what capacity you what, as long asIs happening must bear the corresponding responsibility, without exception, so that Caution Is the ship, or to do a lot of attention to safety!