Women’s car drove to repair, not only did not fix instead of Tim “new injury”, 4S shop: ThIs Is the old India

women’s Cars are to repair, not only did not fix instead of Tim “new injury”, 4S shop: ThIs Is the old Indian

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Mid-Autumn Festival has finally come to the party, thIs small holiday you want how had everyone’s hope, the to travel or house to eat moon cake at home with family , the full moon. Xiao Bian that just want to open their own small Car to break traveling by Car, go to the beach was to embark on a sea breeze in the air have a kind of salty taste, go out at night to eat barbecue, then go late late night thIs feels great. But not everyone can be traveling by Car, a Car Is the key, the most important thing Is that the Car can go. Someone asked, Why the Car can not go there? ThIs does not, recently Zhengzhou Guo Is a Car can not go. what happened?

Guo said thIs Mid-Autumn Festival finally arrived, thinking drove out, but because of the rear-end a few days ago, put the Car shop to send 4s fixed. The day before yesterday, 4s shops to Guo called and said the Car repaired, Guo have been very happy to pick up the Car, but to the 4s point on the bad mood, Guo rear-end to see their place not only has not been repaired, but left the door right doors where there were many scratches.

Ms. Guo angry to find repairman, asked how it Is, repairman said it was the old marks, not in the shop in scraping. But Guo says he does not know how the Car yourself what it was like, they simply could not have been scratched. Still insIst repairman said the old mark, Guo said that if it does not recognize the 4S shop mechanic has come up before the photos and video, can be out of view, thIs Is definitely not the old mark.

to wait a few days later 4s shop did not give the answer, Guo found the door staff, the staff said: are off work, what do you, go to work tomorrow, leaders say, to the time we work together to solve their own can not give Guo replied. Guo said he was not one or two have come back, 4s did not find a solution. He Is no other meaning, just want to ask thIs in the end Is how backThings, how hIs Car Will be a scratch, going to the store in the end how to solve it. Staff said, has added a new injury for the Car thIs thing that he said no way.

Finally, under repeated questioning of Ms. Guo, head of the 4s called MIss Xiang Guo Tel: Willing to peaceful settlement, but also to dig Guo money He gave Guo, Guo and attitude problems because of the apology, and represents the money back Guo, Guo himself should look at how to fix it. Ms. Guo for such an answer Is quite satIsfactory.

Xiao Bian feel that the service sector Is a very hot industry, since it Is a service Care should do, instead of Will now people’s living standards were tested straight up, the Car has become natural accessories life becomes very hot, then followed it complements Auto repair industry and very popular, so thIs Is a good development of the Automotive industry stage, but if you do not trust, that Will soon be eliminated in thIs industry.

At the same time, Xiao Bian also want to tell those who own the Car at the time of repair, it Is best to look at photos Juzhao, which would also prevent when the Issue, he did not evidence. There are such problems should look for consumer associations, to protect their rights, fulfill their supervIsory rights as a consumer. Well, the last all industries want to say one sentence: do things to pay attention to integrity, even if accidentally problems, but also the first time to apologize to the customers, rather than pass the buck.