Women’s BMW rub repair, the steering wheel was “stuff”? 4S shop: monitoring blind see

women BMW rub repair, the steering wheel was “stuff”? 4S shop: monitoring blind do not see

Hello, everyone, I am a nap, welcome to the new Car, said a nap. In the domestic high-end Car market has spread the words, “sit-Benz, drive a BMW.” Although in real life, buy a Mercedes-Benz are also many, but it can also be seen netizens evaluation for excellent handling with high BMW. Lift the BMW, a lot of people think first of all BMW series digital models, in fact, there Is a look at four of BMW’s small Car brand –mini. I believe that many women owners are very familiar with thIs Car, after all the high-end Car small Cars it ranked first. Recently, however, Taiyuan female owner of a mini can be annoying bad.

The female owner of Taiyuan in 2016 to buy a BMW mini, during the Car has no problems, but recently there have been because the vehicle cut rub problem , and sent to 4S shop maintenance. The results rub repaired, but the steering wheel of their own vehicle was “stuff” was. The lady said: the Car’s steering wheel, are they not hIs original Car. ThIs in the end Is how it goes? It really Is secretly 4S shop of the female owner of the steering wheel to stuff yet?

things but also from June 5 to start, the female owner because of hIs Careless driving, on the way home there was slight in that night rub, because the little things, so the next day drove to the 4S shop for sheet metal painting maintenance. After the vehicle sent in the past, BMW 4S shop expressed the need for a week to fix, and the female owner Will contact the end. Female owners Will go home and wait, and after one week, 4S shop to drive the truck back to its notice said that it has completed repair. Female owner after checking again and found where the vehicle Is involved rub indeed has been restored to, so he drove back.

but on the way back, I found the Car and the steering wheel before the steering wheel Is not the same can be said Is completely different. Thus, the female owner drove BMW 4S shops returned the dIscussion to say, the result was denied 4S shop staff, said: female owner did not change the original Car’s steering wheel. See the dIscussion to say the female ownerTo no avail, then turned to the local media. With the help of Reporters to find the person responsible for 4S shop. Maintenance was required retrieval of surveillance video shop, the person in charge, said: female owner maintenance workshop Is to monitor the blind spot, no video.

Finally, under repeated requests from Reporters, the female owner and the person in charge to view the surveillance video together, but found just mIssing that a surveillance video female owner . The staff responsible for control room said: thIs Is because the camera Is broken, it Will be mIssing. I want to say, consumers want Is plain consumption. The development of the follow-up thing, we Will continue to focus. What do you think about thIs matter you? Welcome to leave a message in the comments section below the article. Watch nap, do not sleep late.