Women 330,000 to buy a car and make crystal-plated, less than half the paint was blIstering off paint, 4S shop: to do the identification

330 000 women to buy a Car and make crystal-plated, less than half the paint was blIstering off paint, 4S shop: do identify

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as the economy continues to develop, our Car into an essential means of transport. Once you have a Car, stay away a trip you Will definitely achieve. For us, buying a Car Is a big spending, everyone wants to be able to buy a nice Car, but we do not identify them with the naked eye Car Is good or bad, in the face of a problem to buy a Car , how can we do it? Take a look at problems and solutions encountered the very fact of it!

A few months ago, Ms. Zhang Jiaxing want to buy a Car. She took a fancy to a Lincoln Car at Lincoln Center, spent 33 million yuan(CNY)(CNY). The very fact that after buying the Car, according to the salesman, Car paint plating crystal of great benefit, after the Car did plated crystal phase relatively strong against external forces can provide protection for the paint long-lasting. Ms. Zhang said she did not quite know how it Is crystal-plated, but that can protect the body paint, she spent 2500 dollars in the 4S shop to do the whole Car plated crystal.

However, before long, she was in the process of a Car wash, they found the paint a little bit wrong, Car wash teacher told her that you paint the Car a little out. I saw that at the beginning of the roof, Is very obvious. Very fact that after a few days, in addition to the roof, but also paint on the hood, over five or six days and found several paint, seem to have a whole Car, the paint has been bulging.

Why just bought a new Car after plating crystal, still paint chips? The very fact that thIs matter Is very difficult to understand, she thought surely paint manufacturers in the Car did not do thIs. MIss Yu Shizhang found a Reporter, and together they came to the Lincoln Center in Jiaxing. According to Lu, director of Lincoln Center said, the initial judge may have a corrosive liquid, or due to some external factors caused, and that thIs Is a preliminary judgment given their service director, and they also put photos taken down, sent directly Lincoln to the US technology sector, and then they do a test.

4S shop for answers, Ms. Zhang was not satIsfied, Ms. Zhang said she did Car paint plated crystal, also have the effect of duration of six months, it Is understood paint plated crystal has a certain resIstance to scratches corrosion-resIstant features, in that case Why would paint drum kits, or even paint chips of the situation. Lu director, said she can not give thIs Issue a clear answer, and now they were waiting for US technology in thIs door Lincoln give a professional answer.

crystal having a protective coating effect, Will certainly be protective effect, but how strong corrosive force, but also to be verified. For thIs question, 4S shop did not give a clear answer, but said now the situation to the relevant manufacturers, and other manufacturers are given the test report, and the very fact that further consultations Will again.

Lincoln Center and small series manufacturers have some problems. Manufacturers are doing the Car when the Car was not detected eligibility, just let a Car paint chips on the market. While the 4S shop small series that Is not seriously to do the very fact plated crystal paint, otherwIse it Will not happen. Whether manufacturers or 4S shop, should seriously treat every customer.

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