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Car Is an important tool for our trip, and for the maintenance of the Car Is to make Cars last longer, let us travel more secure. How much do you know about Car maintenance knowledge of it, and today we are concerned that those things Automotive maintenance it ~

a, first of all we would first look for the most basic maintenance projects .

1. Oil

General synthetic oil, generally 10000-12000 kilometers or so to replace, if not often open the case, oil Will emulsify, loss of lubrication, so about a year need to be replaced; semi-synthetic oil Is basically the replacement of about 8000-10000 km; mineral oil at about 5000 km need to be replaced a.

The choice of which type of oil to purchase the recommended instructions on the line, where the amount of use the most Is the four seasons of 5W30 oil, do not use too good, because usually the time it replaced. .

2 three filter

Oil filter: from to the role of the oil filter, and oil cycle, like every random oil can be replaced together.

Air filter: ensure clean engine intake, generally about 2 years or 20,000 km a transducer, each with an air gun to blow into a small maintenance

air filter: play the role of a room air conditioner filter incoming air, to prevent odors and dust. Is generally about 2 years or 20,000 km a change, the air Is not good place to change a little ground.

Second, the deep maintenance

deep Care Is what we often say that major maintenance, Is generally Carried out in a Car traveling about 40,000 kilometers maintenance. The replacement cycle not necessarily all, are about to be replaced: antifreeze, spark plugs, transmIssion oil, brake fluid, power steering oil


1 antifreeze

Antifreeze packaging symbol: a max (max) and min (minimum)

winter Is antifreeze anti-freeze, anti-boiling summer, water scale and corrosion. Above the coolant generally have an expiration date purchased, mostly around 4 years 60,000 km. Why antifreeze green, red, blue’s? The main dIstinction Is the additive effect of a different functions. Generally green glycol, propylene glycol little orange red, blue glycerol. Now mix of antifreeze are good blending can be used directly. Note, however, best not to mix different colors added.

2. Brake oil

brake oil tank symbol: a circle inside the brackets

due to the nature of the brake oil, water. Therefore, after use for a long time, water separation, different boiling points, its performance degrades, affect the braking effect. It recommended that every major maintenance (about 40,000 kilometers) to replace the brake fluid.

3. The steering oil

transfer functions of the power steering system and a buffer force, so that the steering wheel lightweight light. Prevent dirty and bad, suggestions, like brake fluid, replacement of 40,000 kilometers.

4. The fuel filter

played Filtration gasoline due to impurities, to avoid impurities damage the electronic injection system. If dirty or clogged general performance of accelerated weakness, difficulty starting. Now it Is generally built filter replacement in about 80,000 km.

5. The spark plug

The spark plug ignition of the explosive mixture ignited in the cylinder, in the intake, compression, ignition and exhaust third position, a very important role. Once the malfunction, the engine Will be more cost oil, operating irregularities shake, even, mIssing cylinder, beat the fire.

Usually several cylinder spark plug Is few. Depending on the material, the replacement time divided into:

Iridium spark plug: about 80,000-100,000 km replace the

platinum spark plugs: 50,000-60,000 km replace the

Nickel spark plug: 20,000-30,000 km replace the

6. The transmIssion oil

now say that some Cars gearbox oil maintenance-free, it Is not. After changing the oil Will be less trouble to use more smoothly. In order to prevent the transmIssion jitter, abnormal sound, jumping stalls, failure of these problems in a particular period or need to be replaced. The Car Is Automatic transmIssion then about 80,000 km replacement, replace the file manually at around 120,000 kilometers.

7. The brake pads

brakes the Automobile brake important parts of the general replacement of about 40,000 km. Gentle driving style, probably to replace about 60,000 to 80,000 km. If you frequently use the road as usual poor road conditions mountain running, stop and go and so, if you feel braking dIstances detail edge length, no previous easy to use, should be early replacement. ThIs relates to security, second or third time to change brake pads brake dIscs can also be replaced.

8. Tire

mainly depends on the tire wear, abrasion identified below where from about 1.5 to 2 mm, should be replaced. If not Sunday, it should be about 6 years to replace, because the rubber agingWill affect its performance, the worst case, it can cause a flat tire accident.

The above Is a small series of vehicles based on actual experience to say to you about Car maintenance and project cycle, we can pay attention to timely maintenance of the Car according to their own Car situation, Of course there Is a problem, we dIscuss with the message, oh