Wiper does not move? Repair shop a few hundred dollars to learn thIs trick just to get a few cents

Car wiper, Is an important part of the Car, whether it Is rainy or sunny, we are likely to use, wiper broken, not only affects your line of sight, but increases the rIsk of driving , the wiper Is broken, thIs Is not a trivial matter, the day before yesterday have friends and saw the front windshield Is dirty, turn on the sprinkler wiper, wiper but found only water, not moving, in the end Is how Is it ? Just ready to open to the repair shop, go to the repair shop certainly have to spend several hundred, but then I told him one way, as long as a few cents you can get.

front window wiper only water, but unshakeable wiper, thIs time to panic, tell you how to deal with older drivers.

First of all we need to know, what Is wrong with thIs so-called cure to dig up the roots, of course, have to know where the cause before they can prescribe the right medicine.

thIs situation, there are several possibilities, a wiper motor or bad bad, but Is usually not these two possibilities. ThIs case, we find that the spray can, the sprinkler system Is not broke, that Is, the wiper system can still be used, before thIs happens, do not panic, do not run out of direct repair shop, first check thIs thing :fuse. Because the wiper motor and wiper system Is not so easily broken, and the fuse burned more easily, so we should check the fuse first time.

then the wiper fuse where Is it?

We all know that the Car in front of the computer systems are either engine or other electronic systems, usually installed in the front, so now the old drivers tell you where the fuse.

First of all, we Will open the hood, and then we can open the hood to see some of the originals inside the electronic system, appears to be not very complicated, what engine, a lot of lines, are You can not read it? Do not worry, old drivers to teach you step by step.

After opening the hood, find the box:

per CarIs not the same structure of the engine compartment of the Car, but in general we Will be very easy to find these components, engines are most likely to see it, that it wants the maximum, as well as the battery, fuse box on general next to the battery, there Is a very tight place the lid, the fuse box Is, as shown in FIG.

Next we should open the box, you can see that there are many electronic components, there are many fuses, a row a row of neat.

to see so many electronic components, it Is not all of a sudden rip off? In fact, you do not understand all the elements of each of these mean anything, and now tell you quickly find the location of the wiper fuse.

ThIs time, the open lid, in turn, under the lid, there Is a very detailed description, a description of each location corresponding to the electronic component name, and identifies the magnitude of the current

found in thIs specification: wiper fuse, locate wiper fuse after, does it with hIs fingers it down? You Will find that no matter how hard their own fingernails, they can not put it down, because you are mIssing thIs thing, and thIs thing Is also there to prepare for your next Car manufacturers have put thIs fuse clips ready for you, just fuse box here, you still have to use thIs time to fuse cover of thIs manual to find the clip. With thIs clip to take down the fuse. A white clip, so take the fuse Is very relaxed.

After removal of the fuse, the fuse Is Carefully observe been burned black, in particular line portion, the fuse inside the metal member Is not turned black, if that becomes black, indicating that the fuse has been burned? When we find the fuse burned, how to do it? Where can I buy a fuse?

ThIs time we want to thank you for the thoughtful manufacturers, the same Car manufacturers spare fuse for you, do not need to hurry ran Accessories store to buy the same token, Find the spare fuse in the fuse cover position specification. (It must be noted that the original fuse on a special digital notes or the insurance number Sian, a lot of wiper fuse Is typically 30A, so you should replace the corresponding fuse, do not change the wrong, wrong change can cause bear voltage inconsIstent, causing a short circuit or burn, even other circuits Will burn again, it would be in big trouble)

put on fuse after that, we want to test, thIs time you Will find, wiper normal use, and if thIs situation you go to the repair shop, then repair shop may tell you, wiper motor breaks down, spend a few hundred dollars in it, or wiper the system Is broken, it would take hundreds of ocean, now, congratulations, took only a few cents you can fix, you have to thank the drivers for your old method provided.

then be spent your spare wiper fuse Is not empty out there? So you want to have time to buy Auto parts store on a back up, or buy a back up on a treasure to prevent the next use.

took only a few cents you can fix the wiper, if you would like to thank the old driver? ThIs article Will go forward, so that more friends to see, let friends spend less money wasted.

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