Wiper does not move how it was, because the wiper does not move and solutions

times now seeing more and more frequent rainy days, everyone Is not only a test of driving skills, and the wiper Is good or bad Is bound to play a very important influence. However, some friends asked, suddenly wiper does not move, and now even the Car did not dare to open, for fear of a sudden it began to rain, so what Is the reason wiper does not move and the solution Is to it.

Fuse blown (first inspection)

wiper blade does not move, it Is possible because fuse (prevention circuit overload) fuse, wiper leads Is not working properly, thIs time we have to check the fuse box Is opened, the corresponding fuse (particularly the specification available on the lid) whether there has blown. If any, as long as it can replace the lost, but keep in mind before replacing, be sure to turn off all the Car switches.

motor burned out

In fact, the probability Is very low motor burned out, but it might be the presence of quality control problems. As for how to judge, first Car ignition switch Is energized, and then try to open the front cover scratch the wiper, if it Is not broke, then can hear the sound of the motor rpm, and the sound Is quite obvious. But if it Is not the sound of words, accompanied by a hint of burnt taste, it Is probably damaged motor. In general, if not the fuse blows, Is still the best Auto repair shop for a checkup, after all, someone else Is a professional thing.