Winter, vehicle air conditioning how to use? If not really cost oil Oh!

winter, low temperatures every day, in some places the northern region has reached 20 degrees below zero, cold day, we Will certainly drive out the first time to turn on the Car heater, we all know that summer we open the cooling time Is very cost oil, but also for powered vehicles also have an impact, then open warm winter like the wind Is cost oil do? The answer Is to look at how you use, some people use fee on oil, but with the old drivers, are generally not cost oil, but also save the Car.

Here we Will explain the winter air conditioning how to use it Will not cost oil:

1, do not immediately open the Car’s air conditioning

many Car owners prefer to start the air conditioning got on the heater, but thIs approach Is not correct. Since winter hair has just started the engine, the temperature of the tank Is still very low, not only does not turn on the air temperature inside the Car quickly upgrade, but increased the burden on the engine, delayed the normal upgrade engine temperature. If the rush to open the warm air heating air conditioning, power consumption of the battery, affecting battery life, be sure to only open until after the vehicle Is running, you can use generator power. In general, you should start the first engine warm-up, the oil temperature and the like pointer to an intermediate position, and then opens the hot air, while the air circulation Is provided to the outer loop, so that the cool air Is dIscharged outside the vehicle interior, and then wait for about three minutes, dIsposed within the air circulation loop on the line.

In addition to the open air heater, an engine radiator water temperature may also be utilized to provide heating, so that no need to open the compressor, the relative fuel consumption using the air conditioner Is much smaller.

2, winter must not open the A / C button

because the A / C button Is the air conditioning button, the compressor Will operate after press down, the compressor and the engine Is connected directly, Will not only increase fuel consumption, but also increase the burden on the engine, heating of our principle Is to use the heat generated by the engine itself, sent the Car through the air conditioning ducts, do not need to participate in the compressor, and the principle of refrigeration compressor Is sent to the air-conditioning ducts, and finally to the whole Car Inside. So when the air conditioning Is not required to open fully A / C button.

principle perusal:

today, we bring not only fuel efficient but also warm-up method called non-independent Car heating system, also known as waste heat heating system, which uses Car exhaust or waste heat engine cooling circuit water as a heat source and introduced into the heat exchanger, the interior by the fan or the outside air Is blown through the heating of the heat exchanger.

of the engine cooling water as a heat source for heating, Cars, trucks and small Car such conventional means . It engine cooling water as a heat source, by means of a heat exchanger (heater core Is generally referred to), the blower air fed to the engine cooling water heat exchanger, the heated air into the interior. In the absence of cold air conditioning with trucks, vans or pickup trucks generally used by the Cartridge heater core, and a shell consIsting of fan, blowing the housing has leg portions, the front portion of the outlet from the window and blows defrost role outlet. In more luxurious Cars and trucks, the heater core and the evaporator (refrigerant circuit) assembled in a housing, a fan and a common housing.

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