Winter maintenance method of automobile wiper motor, learn to save a lot of maintenance costs!

winter season, rainfall and snowfall in the north of the South are very frequent, and our Car wiper can play above shave rain function, let us in the driving process able to see the road around to protect us traffic safety.

Thus, the essential quality of the wiper blade. While the wiper shut down the event can be replaced, the operation Is also very simple way. But when the Car’s wiper motor fails, many of my friends would choose to go to the repair shop for maintenance, repairs now and share ways to organize wiper motor, the Car of a friend to help save a lot of maintenance costs.

First, the cause of the malfunction wiper motor

a wiper motor inlet

because the wiper motor seal failure, leading to the external rain and melting snow penetrate into the interior of the wiper motor, resulting in motor failure.

2. motor burning resIstance Is too large

swing the wiper arm and the wiper blade Is blocked, can not cause the wiper motor Is energized rotation, even when the motor burning occurs.

3 internal wear of the motor

After the interior of the motor brush wear thin, resulting in poor contact with the wiper and the motor.

Second, the dIsassembling method of the wiper motor

In summary, the general failure of the motor if the motor Is a problem internal parts , need to dIsassemble maintenance

(World of Automotive tools model set 56: 09505)

first step: first prepare world of Automotive tool 56 sets, and then start dIsassembling the shaft circlip washer wiper;

step: Removal of the wiper motor transmIssion wheel;

The third step: removing the detached good transmIssion wheel, the front housing, Brush holder.

Third, the maintenance method of the wiper motor

1. Corrosion conductive sheet

Fault the reason: the water inside the Car motor, resulting in a conductive sheet appears as corrosion and poor contact.

Solution: we open the front wiper motor housing with the world of tools, can be seen above circuit boards copper contact with the conductive sheet on the drive wheel connected. We just want to grease the surface of the conductive sheet cleaned, use sandpaper to grind. .

deformable gasket 2

Faulty: the wiper motor itself has a waterproof performance, but because use a long time, the gasket housing aging, deformation problems Will lead to leakage of rainwater into the interior of the wiper motor.

Solution: It Is difficult to get such a dedicated motor seals, engine sealant can be applied in the motor housing gasket, so can achieve very good sealing effect. .

3 wiper motor brushes

Failure: Carbon brush wiper motor Is responsible for an important part of the motor running, Will friction operation, consumption of medium Carbon brushes. We dIsassembled to check the thickness of the Carbon brushes, Carbon brushes if found too thin, Carbon brushes need to be replaced, the motor Is not running to avoid failure occurs.

the solution: when we replace the Carbon brushes, use the spanner jammed the motor shaft 20, since the spring has a motor shaft, the motor shaft should press down and stuck motor shaft with a wrench, to replace the Carbon brush, a spring back against the brushes need to be Careful not to lose the spring when dIsassembled.

The above Is today to sort out the wiper motor Car repair knowledge, as certain content for your help, can be forwarded to family or friends to share Oh, see you tomorrow.