Winter keeping a car six errors, you know?

winter temperatures are very low, driving environment Is relatively poor, a lot of friends in the Car winter attaches great importance to the maintenance of the Car, but often there are some errors, so that the original Car maintenance becomes hurt, then winter how many of keeping a Car six errors in the end little friends know about it? Today small just like we talk about those errors winter keeping a Car.

1. The wiper frozen, remember not forced to use the

many small partners work in the morning found the purple Car wiper was frozen, thIs time do not be impatient, if forced start, ranging from damage wiper rubber, while the wiper motor Will be damaged, completely unable to use. ThIs Is not the time to use hot water pouring hot water easily lead to Car glass burst, and the wiper Will be deformed due to thermal expansion and contraction.

the right way: If you encounter rain, snow to clean the Car, then slowly warm air into the Car those ice on the Car glass and wiper melting, problems Will be solved.

2. The window ice, remember not open irrigated with

in the north, especially in the Northeast frozen window Is a very common thing, no matter how anxious do not use open irrigated, water temperature Is too high, the paint Will therefore change occurs gradually lose shiny, but also because of the hot water and narrow windshield blanket, really it Is not worth the candle.

the right way: to clear snow, and then launch the Car, turn on the Car heater, then Cleaning with warm water. Cleaning Is to be noted here not with cold water, because the engine Is warming up, the front portion of the vehicle a relatively high temperature, the temperature of the cold water Carts Will reduce speed, the vehicle Will therefore damage the paint surface.

3. situ hot Car for a long time, in fact, very hurt Car

directly drove away in the winter, or to place hot Cars have always been a lot of people in the dIspute. Wendy Is a hot Car because winter Is low, oil vIscosity increases, vehicles need more time for the oil to lubricate the engine. In the initial operation of the engine Is low in winter, take some time to reach normal temperature and water temperature, so the object Is to place the heat engine of the vehicle to achieve the optimum operation conditions at minimum load.

correct interpretation: With the continuous improvement of Automotive technology, today’s Automotive quality steel and other parts have been reached a very high standard, it Is generally not the case cold stress fracture occurs. That Is a normal Car prices used parts have reached a high standard, a lot of paint to the model alpine region Will be finalized before the test. And many of the instructions for use of the vehicle Will see: Do preheated at stop state of the engine, when the good vIsibility through the window glass outwardly to start immediately, so that the engine can more quickly reaches operating temperature and emIssions of hazardous substances less. While some luxury Cars can also be seen on the instructions: no parking in the warm-up state, immediately to the appropriate speed to move their Cars.

In fact, in the winter after the vehicle Is started, if not Bigfoot throttle can be rough driving, cold start , to control the rotational speed at 3000 rpm or less, the water temperature reaches 60 degrees can be normal driving. Of course, for parking in the underground parking or steep slope, it Is recommended that a little warm-up time, after easy Bigfoot throttle start climbing.

4. Add just antifreeze, the freezing point to confirm that

found a lot of small partners in winter Car antifreeze Is obviously insufficient, and on adding some water, There are different brands of antifreeze mixed and matched, in fact, doing so Is not correct. It Will depress the freezing point of water plus antifreeze, and various brands of antifreeze formulation because the proportion of ingredients are different, the freezing point Is also different, preferably selected according to the temperature conditions.

The proper use of: antifreeze observed color, become cloudy or darkened, indicating lower quality , and thIs time it Will replace a new one. If you are replacing a new brand of antifreeze, the antifreeze residue inside the Car needs to be completely cleaned up, and then add other brands of antifreeze.

The anti-skid chains free installation, undesirable

anti-skid chains, vehicle northeastern region of such equipment should be very common, but anti-skid chains are not easily installed.

for proper installation: to look at the Car front wheel drive or rear-wheel drive, anti-skid chains to be loaded on a major role in that set of tires. For Automatic models, the two front wheels or the rear wheels must install snow chains can.

6. snow parking pay attention

now parking Is more and more nervous, a lot of people there Is no way the only Car parked on the ramp, parking ramp of snow and ice in winter need extra Care Is necessary to avoid the rIsk of the vehicle from sliding down the hill.

parking correct posture: if parked in the ramp, to tighten the handbrake and front tire put a brick to prevent vehicles decline. If you are open-air parking lot, pay attention to the surrounding trees, to prevent too much snow because the branches lead to injured Car. Night Is best not to park in the parking water surface at night icing productWater Will freeze together easily tire and road surface, resulting in deformation of the tire or puncture.