Why your car tires wear out quickly? Learn these methods, more than a few years to get the tires

say faster wear and tear on the vehicle parts, tires must be the first choice. Not only to meet but also to cope with different road driving needs of owners, it Is prone to loss. Some Car tire tread useless years has been polIshed, had to change a tire, and some owners open for several years without problems. What causes tire wear fast?

tight parking spaces or temporary parking

Many owners Will direct the Car parked near the road, if there are more sharp stone or petroleum products, and in some places near the acids on the road, are easy to damage the tires. Or uneven pavement, do not slow down when cornering direct rush; pressure Is not up, and so Will severely worn tires.

how to conserve correct?

1, the air pressure to compliance

If the stiffness of the tire Is too large, the pressure Will increase the wheel, serious it Is easy to puncture, the tire pressure Is very important to maintain stability. In accordance with the provIsions of the tires to check the tire pressure regularly and promptly inflated. Different seasons, tire pressure could change, if in the case of winter snow Will try to lower the tire pressure a little, play a role in increasing the friction slip.

2, to avoid sudden braking

When the Car start to the maximum wear of the tire, or unstable starting It Is the frequent loss of brakes Will be on the increase of the tire, in particular, to an appropriate reduction in cornering. If you have a glass or sharp stones on the road, but also pay attention to slow, too fast can easily headlong into the tires.

3, selected ground parking level

Is to increase the tire tread and the tire ground friction, long time tire wear pattern Will gradually grind, and losing drainage slip effect. So to avoid the vehicle in matte or sharp gravel road, try not to turn the steering wheel after parking, reducing friction thus reducing the wear and tear on the tires.

In addition to also pay attention to whether the tires have small cracks, or stuck in the gravel tires, these are problems at high speeds can cause safety problems puncture. To clear a regular and timely tire groove pebbles. Tire maintenance Is very important to remember that every once in a while and check your tires inflated promptly, thIs Will extend the life of the tire.

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