Why Will not re-elect someone who has a white car? After lIstening to analysIs, for to do that I would not have chosen

In modern society, the Automobile has become an increasingly common means of transportation, many ordinary families are also not as good as the ranks of buying a Car. Of course, when we buy a Car, be sure to first consider the cost of the vehicle, which includes a lot of aspects. First of all, the Car Is a symbol of a successful man, the Car’s performance and the Car’s exterior color and are based on personal preference, but when buying a Car should buy what color Is good? Someone who said: best not to choose to buy white! Many netizens Will be confused, obviously looking ahead on the street, most see are white, Why would not someone who Will say buy the white of it? ThIs confusion Xiao Bian tell you the answer today.

want to change in the past, selling or what the best natural black, silver, but now times have changed, but Is filled with more than a white Car up, that we want to buy a Car for thIs friend, a white Car Is not a worthy choice of options? Some people say that white Is not often the Car Is not dirt it? That in the end Is not the case, we want to buy a white Car, today we are concerned that look.

white Car occupied a large part of the Car market in the world, many people consider when buying a Car of choice Is white, but white the Car should always clean, dirty or very easy, and there are other colors of the Car compared to the probability of an accident occurring in a white Car at night Is much smaller, after all, a white Car can easily be seen.

white Car only bad Is because it Will change color. Why would it change color? Paint sun and rain Will undergo oxidation, even when originally shipped with a protective wax, has gone before long. Once the paint faded, most other color Is a little lighter did not shine, and the white paint was yellowed, or a small piece of a small piece of yellowed, really ugly.

Xiaobian to recommend several color bar, the first Is black, because black Car Will look a little more atmospheric look, people seem there Is a mature, middle-aged men to use, so if you like a bit of a mature atmosphere, the first Is black. The second Is red, the red of presumably do not speak?Red Car has given us a fresh, beautiful feeling, first because of the appearance of bright red, it Will make people feel vibrant, full of vitality, very suitable for young people choose the moment, compared to other vehicles in which the color red Is the most prominent, if you are a little energetic people, then I suggest you choose the red! Why Will not re-elect someone who has a white Car? After lIstening to analysIs, for to do that I would not have chosen! What do you think?