Why the problem occurs car, people immediately sent to the repair shop, but Americans do it yourself?

Car broke down, Americans Will repair themselves, the Americans saw after the performance, friends: the gap Is really big!

The United States has a Car market consumer, it can be said the Car industry at any point move can clearly see in the domestic market, and the domestic market as encountered Is the United States, United States Although small in number, because the economic development coupled with the powerful Automotive industry, has become the largest Automobile consumption country, so in both cases have a large number of older drivers in the two countries.

older drivers in the true sense not to say that long drive or drive high technology age, but he has a deep understanding of the Car, after Car damage can do the repairs yourself, but you might find an interesting situation, older drivers in the US Car broke down later on their own repairs, but to the United States after the American old driver in damage to the Car they Will be directly sent 4s repair shop, which What happens then?

First, the first one reason, although the two countries have the same Car for a big consumer, but the two countries for the Car the hIstory Is very different, the hIstory of the Car in the United States more long-term development, but also led to their nationals regardless of the elderly or children, for there Is always a deep understanding of the Car, while in the US, if not drive the Car a trace fur do not understand.

The second reason, everyone should know that American children independence Is very small, very young age a person to sleep, and they are also super practical ability, whether from childhood toy or play can be seen later grow up to work in, so their Cars damaged after the first idea Is to repair it yourself, and Americans just want to hurry up Solve the problem.

The third reason, as a people, what we think Is broken after the Car the first thing one Is it? Certainly not fix the Car, but the Car breaks down how to go to work or wasted commuting how to do it? ThIs Is a different pace of life brings different ideas, although the United States economically developed but their pace of lifeHave to slow in the United States.

The fourth reason, in the US they are seldom coupled with the 4s shop maintenance Is also very troublesome, and the money spent also higher than the domestic lot, which leads to fewer and fewer Americans they appear in the Car problem first thought Is to repair, and can be seen everywhere in the country there Is Auto repair shops, and private service shop prices are pretty cheap, which also led to the cause of people’s ability getting lower and lower.