Why not put the best car repair shop overnight? Repairman say the trick behind!

We all know that vehicle on the road, it Is inevitable something unexpected happens. These circumstances in the event, no surprIse they have repaired. Many owners may in the maintenance of the vehicle, the vehicle would choose to stay in the garage overnight. But in fact, the Car maintenance, it Is best not to stay overnight in the repair shop. So thIs Is Why? Why not put the best Car repair shop overnight? Repairman say the trick behind!

I believe many owners, after the Car to the repair shop, Will hear thIs sentence, your Car thIs problem more difficult, and we are also busy, I suggest you put the Car in here tomorrow morning to come and get on the line. So like hands, there Will be a mechanic stole gasoline to refuel hIs Car, it Is understood a mechanic in a garage plus oil a year no money, so how come these oils, think about the know.

First of all, the Car Is likely to be maintenance personnel to open out. We know that Cars not everyone can afford to open if the repair Is just the Cars, maintenance personnel Will inevitably itchy heart, want to drive one. Once in my Car repair shop, pick up the Car seems a bit late, the repair shop that I go get the next day, I went to get a small Car repair master even drive my Car out to play!

It Is because most people do not understand Cars, so many repairman might be in thIs knowledge for most drivers, you the Car placed there overnight when dIsassemble replacement parts. Some union with some low-quality aftermarket parts, shoddy be fitted to the vehicle owners, after all, we are the owners of Auto parts for each one can not remember very familiar with, they give us replace a part, we owners It Is also difficult to find.

in the maintenance process owners, the best choice where regular maintenance, above these errors can be avoided. If the owners found the vehicle in fuel consumption and maintenance after the increase, it Is best to check, so they used also safer. In the selection of an Auto repair shop, do not forget to look at technical inspection certificate and its business license Issued by the traffic control department.