Why not let the old drivers car overnight in a garage? Almost routine in such a

Now, with the improvement of the quality of life of everyone, the Car has been completely become everyone’s life a means of transport. It can be said that almost every household has a Car, very popular. Good development of the Automotive industry, Car repair naturally led to the development of the industry. Because we can not avoid the Car Will inevitably be some small problems, we are unable to handle their own good, thIs time, of course, necessary to turn to the garage. But Why do we always say, when repairing a Car, do not let your Car overnight in the garage. ThIs in the end Is Why?

all of us Car after problems arIse, Will soon send me hIs Car garage. I’ve checked our Car repairman, they occasionally tell us that our Car Is very complex problem, short-lived fad can not fix it, it Is proposed that we put the Car into the garage one night, the next day take over. ThIs time, many people Will agree with the proposal of the repairman. Because we usually are busy, do not have so much time has been waiting in the garage. Besides, the next day on the way to come pick up the Car Is also very convenient thing to do.

and those repairman did not ill-wIshers also took advantage of all of thIs mentality. There are some cunning repairman, he Will take your Car to the inside of the oil out of a small part. Since coming out of the relatively small, so the next day you come and get the Car Will not be found. Although the Car in a little water fIshing, but so much every day in overnight Car repair shop, a Car fIshing a little water, I am afraid that the repairman Will not have to pay for their own oil money to refuel.

ThIs Is not the worst, because he Is up to you to steal a little oil, did not cause any damage to your Car. But there are some courageous thing, but also harbor repairman intentions, the scourge of your Car may become significant. He Is likely to take the opportunity to teach your Car parts to replace the lost, Will take out your original good parts, give you for a second-hand zero. Since most people do not really understand the Car, so even if you do not know it was you. Besides, even if you really found out, he Will not admit it. You are not on the scene, there Is no evidence so you accuse him.

See here, Xiaobian think thereThe water Is really deep. But it Is still pure thought more people, but we have to admit, those with evil intentions also still exIst. In order to avoid those bad people, we try not to own a Car in a garage overnight.