Why not have car air-conditioning cold smell? In fact, the reason Is very simple, do not be fooled 4S shop

a hot day, the air conditioning on the bus the first time the temperature to the minimum, want to enjoy the cool air conditioning as soon as possible, but do not know Why the vent position came a burst of smell and stuffy air Is ejected, or etc. a long time to get cool wind out, what Is the problem then? In fact, the first gust of air conditioning spray odor Is normal, the main reason Is often in the Car smoking, diet, coupled with dust and no replacement dust filters, so to mold growth in the air-conditioning system piping, so the gas Will be heard first taste smell, but after about 10 seconds, based on the smell Will dIsappear. The air conditioning Is not cold enough for many reasons, for example: a problem cooling pump Is damaged, air laryngeal obstruction, such as refrigerant leak Will make the air conditioning system does not work properly.

dust filters of air-conditioned Cars of different positions are also different, some located in the jewelry box, some then at the front.

There are many different commercially wipe bubbles cold cleaners, air conditioning usage entry site Is usually found, and then injected into the cleaner, you can clean air duct at the same time, sterilization and deodorization and strengthen cooling effect; in fact, thIs Is a temporary solution, because only slightly cleaner cleaning cold Coil surface, according to the author’s experience, indeed the week after their colors, thoroughly cleaning the Car air-conditioning split cold Coil Will come out clean. Frozen Coil position most of the Cars are different, such as old BMW or Benz dIsassembly of the dashboard, which involves a lot of power system, wires, instruments, etc., it Is necessary to be Careful and patience construction, I recommend to compare directly Carts room processing, so there are too many hands in the future to keep up the tail.

in addition, the Car can be seen comparing old sand bottles provide a small mirror, the system checks whether there are air conditioning refrigerant; or, if the paste-like coagulum appeared refrigerant throat, which represents the refrigerant leaks the problem; however, in recent years, most of the Car has electronic, so part of the vehicle air-conditioning system may also lead to abnormal because of a computer problem, but the CarLord could not find the problem, you can check the garage, garage equipment to test computer-related Issues.

In fact, in recent years introduced a vehicle has to electronic, the figure Is small instrument control of the entire air-conditioning system.

In addition to wash cold Coil, but we also have to be changed regularly dust filters of air-conditioners. The dust filter Is a cold air in front of the air-conditioning system components, various waste barrier, if a greater accumulation of garbage, in addition to odor, but also blocks the wind. In general, once every six months for dust filters on the most appropriate.

If it Is often the dusty places or suburb, you can replace the hard-working little dust filters.