Why not automotive air conditioning refrigeration, old and new drivers the necessary simple repair method

in the hot summer, air conditioning has become our best partner. But if we are in the process of driving, the Car air conditioner Is not cooling suddenly, the feeling Will be like?

Automotive air conditioning Is not cooling phenomenon are many, such as opening Car air conditioners, air conditioning mouth there Is no wind or the wind Is hot. Encountered thIs phenomenon how to do it? First, we must understand the reasons for thIs phenomenon.

under the Car air conditioner Is not cooling general case Is the question of the refrigerant, the refrigerant too much or too little can lead to Automobile air conditioning refrigeration, refrigerant Will leak resulting in Automotive air conditioning Is not cooling.

Automotive air conditioning systems the refrigerant Is the volume occupied by a certain ratio requirements, if the refrigerant Is excessive, heat can affect the amount of vehicles, the less heat natural refrigeration Will not, we can observe by sight glass on a dry tank, if still no bubbles were observed after the Automotive air conditioning no bubbles were observed, or stop rotating compressor from the sight glass during operation, then it can determine that too much refrigerant. ThIs time we only have a certain percentage Will reduce refrigerant can be solved. If too little refrigerant, in Automobile air conditioner during operation, the dIscharge from an expansion valve to the evaporator where the refrigerant Is reduced, reducing the heat absorption of the refrigerant Will be reduced, resulting in Automobile air conditioning refrigeration. Similarly, we can pass from the drying tank sight glass, if the sight glass with a slow continuous bubbles indicates a shortage of refrigerant, if significantBubbles flip case, it indicates a serious shortage of refrigerant, the refrigerant at thIs time can be added. Another common reason Is that the refrigerant leak, although the Automotive air conditioning systems are sealed, but can not guarantee non-volatile refrigerant or leak, causing refrigerant leakage causes very much, if you exclude too much refrigerant Automotive air conditioning Is not cooling because or caused by too little, then we must consider whether or not a refrigerant leak caused a general refrigerant leak refrigerant with too little monitoring method Is the same reason, that Is, shortly after the addition of the refrigerant from the refrigeration Automobile air conditioning still not become refrigeration, it Is caused by a refrigerant leak, thIs time on the need to go to a Car repair workshop to find the specific cause of the leak.

Automotive Air Conditioning there are other reasons for the situation Is not cooling, such as cooling and refrigeration oil contains more impurities, the refrigerant Is doped with moIsture and so on, the situation encountered Automotive air conditioning refrigeration, we hope thIs Will give everyone bring a little help.