Why most car tires are black?

Now the Car industry Is developing rapidly, Is filled with Cars, traffic congestion sign Is daily. Especially the first-tier cities, a traffic jam, we can see a dark mass street. At thIs time, some people Will send thIs question, Why tires are black, looks good depressed ah, if there are a variety of colors tires on the road that can have a landscape.

Why tires are black on thIs Issue, in fact, the first pneumatic tire was not black, but white. The inventors named the first pneumatic tire Dunlop, because the first liquid Is a white rubber tires, and tires made out no pattern.

and into the 19th century, a lot of tires in total have joined the design process additives, resulting in a colorful tire appeared at that time, has become a trend at that time, However, part of foreigners in the Car, in order to demonstrate their status and wealth, the outside of the tire specially painted white, which Is the practice at the time of the rich people’s eyes. But later they found painted white tires Is not durable, that layer of white paint Is also very easy to fall, some time after the tire becomes difficult to see.

tire development after so many years of experience in the tire material, or material selected black color. The determinants of black tire in the Carbon black feedstock, a complete tire, natural rubber and synthetic rubber accounts for approximately 50%, and accounted for about 25% of Carbon black, there Is a very important function of Carbon black, to improve the wear resIstance of the tire. The remaining 25% of the raw material Is steel cord and cord fabric.

after so many years of development, now consumers are not so many requirements, as long as the ideal price-performance tires, black on black chant. Natural black tire became mainstream, there Is a reason that more consumers are concerned about Is not the tires, but the wheels, in fact, Is the hub was a factor affecting Car styling, but the tires just affect its performance.