Why luxury car comes with flavor, ordinary car there Is a bad odor? Old driver tell the inside story

Why luxury Car comes with flavor, ordinary Car there Is a bad odor? Older drivers say the matter

bought a Car believed people should know that, at the time just got a new Car always smelled an odor, and also stinky, So many people put back in the Car, it Will first open the windows, to dilute odors through ventilation; some owners Will be placed in the Car or incense Car perfume, used to mask the smell. In fact, most have unpleasant taste of the new Car are ordinary Cars, luxury Car and not only did not smell, but also bring their own flavor, which Is Why it? In thIs regard older drivers to tell the truth, to learn under the bar.

As we all know, the price of luxury Cars are very expensive compared to ordinary Cars, luxury Cars, expensive only reflected in the price of the Car brand and performance on, also reflected in its dIstinctive Automotive materials, and most of the luxury brand of quality control Is indeed higher than the average ordinary Cars. As for Why luxury Cars are the flavor, but there Is an ordinary Car odor problem, thIs old driver told the truth, Xiao Bian to answer a brief summary together to understand.

First, from the view of the vehicle body, the material used Is different between the two, luxury Cars are used water-based paint, and used in ordinary Cars it Is paint, paint gloss water-based paint Is not only no good, but the taste Is also bigger. In addition, the view from inside the Car, luxury Car leather seat more advanced, and ordinary shares have the Car seat leather plastic feel, so there Is no smell of luxury Cars, while ordinary Cars there an odor; and some of the ho inside the Car also comes with aromatherapy system, so it comes with a smell of. The common materials used in vehicles compared to luxury Cars, Is completely different, many manufacturers in order to save costs, plastics and artificial leather and decorated its interior configuration Is used, not only the quality, but off, but also taste great it smells stinky.

and these unpleasant taste, it Is also likely to contain gas cause harm to the human body, such as formaldehyde, formaldehyde believe we have heard about the harm it when people long time in thIs environment, it Is likely there Will be skin allergies, headaches and even retching and other symptoms, so that ordinary Car smell Is a mustClear, not only in order to maintain the fresh air inside the vehicle, but also to good health; so if you buy an ordinary Car, then they would always open the window ventilation to keep the air circulation inside the Car.

But if you want to completely remove formaldehyde, window ventilation alone Is probably not enough, because formaldehyde Is very stubborn, very difficult to remove, according to the survey data show, formaldehyde volatile period of up to 3–5 years, some as long as 10 years, life expectancy Is even higher than the Car! That there Is no solution? The answer Is yes, first of all have the plastic film on the new Car to tear up, because it Will hinder the volatile formaldehyde, in addition, they often use the Car outside the circulation system, air Is converted; the last can also be placed in the Car a few bamboo charcoal bag package, it can more efficiently remove formaldehyde.