Why Is not the best car overnight in the repair shop? Repairman tell you these secrets

and now more and more vehicles on the road, traffic Is more and more complex, we owners Will inevitably be some bumps in the road when the vehicle daily, or even some unexpected, thIs time we’ll owners sent the Car repair shop Car repair, do not know the owner sent to friends in the Auto repair shop maintenance when there Is not heard so many words, “your vehicle situation Is more complex, now half past one would not fix it, or you return to take it tomorrow “, many owners also feel like thIs may be, it Will take over the next day, but the Car really can spend the night in the garage it? Maintenance instructors speak out the truth.

When the vehicle stay in the garage, the owner must pay attention, do not think in the repair shop on all OK. Although most of the repair shop Is still very real, not out of any problem, but does not preclude the comparIson Will not encounter the kind of cunning master. That Is, when the vehicle Is parked in the garage, be sure to pay attention to your Car’s mileage and fuel gauge, because there may be some master “Tou” Is suspect. Of course, not all, just in case.

but not all of the repair shop situation like thIs would happen, afraid of ten thousand afraid of the event, in fact, if only a simple “stolen oil “, then probably Is the best in mind.

more afraid of some maintenance master black heart, not “steal oil” so simple, they also can easily replace our Automotive components, after all, we are the owners of parts for the Car and can not remember very familiar with each one, they give us replace a part, we are also very difficult to find the owner. And even if the owners found evidence even if it’s useless doing maintenance master ah. Although not all repair shops are like thIs, but there are also cases like thIs happen, we the owners in order to prevent accidents, or try to avoid leaving the Car in the garage overnight it.