Why Is not the best car overnight in the repair shop? Repair master let slip, know regret it later

Why Is not the best Car repair shop overnight? Repair master let slip, know regret later

Car Is more and more, traffic Is also not so single, and in many cases we encounter are less than. So, we Will encounter a variety of driving situations on the road, for example, a little scratch and the like, or there Will be some unexpected happens, thIs time, we usually drove to the repair shop. We may not be familiar with some of the repairman say it, say “your Car situation Is more complex, half Will likely repair bad, Why do not you come back tomorrow and see?” I believe many people heard these words do not You Will feel a big problem, right? In fact Is it really? How about you? In such cases Will be how to do? The next day to really get it?

fear Is that many people feel that thIs Is no big problem, but also feel that thIs Is definitely not what happened. In fact, most of the Auto repair shop Is indeed the case. However, we can not rule out some of the black heart of the master maintenance. If we really stay in the Car repair shop, Is really likely to encounter malicious people, so we really regret it too late, Why do you say? The reason Is simple, maintenance instructors had let slip.

In fact, there are many repairman Will steal oil. However, we think again, if you really just steal oil, the owner Is not easy to find thIs situation. Of course, not every so Will a repair shop. But then, afraid of ten thousand afraid of the event. If only Touyou, it really Is a very fortunate situation.

Even more frightening Is that some maintenance master no conscience, direct to a more serious, freely replace one on your Car or even a several components. We are not very understanding of the Car, and if our Car parts are removed, not necessarily found. Also, another point Is, if we found out there was not enough evidence to prove that maintenance of the master to do.

However,, I would like to say Is not to say that these repair shops are like thIs. However, there Is also thIs, that we can not be taken lightly. In short, can not let the Car at the repair shop overnight to try not to. What do you think?