Why do people understand the car Will advIse friends not to buy second-hand BMW? Maintenance instructors tell the truth: more expensive than buying a new car

For now many young Car owners, they are very different from the previous generation of Car owners in the concept of it. For some of the old owners, they often prefer to buy a Car moving steadily, to buy a good reputation, excellent quality of ordinary Cars, low-cost Car thIs Car, and he Is able to open a few years; but for now many new owners to said that although they do not have money, but still want to open luxury Cars, so it Will buy a used luxury Car. For what second-hand luxury Cars worth buying the most problems, many understand the Car’s comments are not the same, some say Lexus, it was said Mercedes; but for what used luxury Cars can not buy the Issue, almost all understand the Car people are the same Used BMW said that, thIs Is Why? One maintenance instructors would tell the truth: It Is more expensive than buying a new Car. Why do people understand the Car Will advIse friends not to buy second-hand BMW? Maintenance instructors tell the truth: more expensive than buying a new Car.

above in the domestic luxury Car market, Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audi’s reputation Is relatively large, on top of the new Car market, sales of all three of them Is not the sub-par, get like many owners. From the characterIstics of terms, compared to the power of the Mercedes-Benz luxury flagship, the flagship of the Audi, BMW flagship handling still more attractive to many young owners. However, if you want to buy a nice little performance 3 Series or 5 Series, the Car basically need funding of about 30 million, some owners to think of the tens of thousands to spend 10 to buy a second-hand BMW, but also to lead a ho Car “addiction.”

However, for second-hand BMW terms, it Is not an ordinary person can control the terrible. For just bought a BMW, it Is the Car in the first three years or 50,000 km within the process, the vehicle performance can play a very light, only very little wrong with the Car, but also peace of mind with them; however, If the Car using more than 100,000 kilometers, then, the Car Is prone to oil spills and other problems in the course of the owners Will inevitably require frequent repair.

In addition, although it Is a “second-hand BMW” buy it very cheap, but during the latter part of the maintenance, it Will not be cheap. In the process of using second-hand BMW in addition to the owners of luxury Cars in accordance with the frequency of maintenance, cost, standard on the Car were outside maintenance, with the increasing age of the vehicle, the Car hardPiece unavoidable there Will be some problems, maintenance costs later Is no small expense, to spend a thousand dollars a year Is very normal in it.

Thus, If we start with a used BMW, then, not only in the latter part of the process of the Car easily lead themselves “physically and mentally fatigued,” while keeping a Car, the repair cost Is very high, with a few years later, keeping a Car to spend the money plus the money to buy a used Car, it may be sufficient to buy a new BMW up. It’s no wonder maintenance instructors would say: buy a new Car than to buy a second-hand BMW “expensive.”

Therefore, the owner when buying a used Car, or should be to identify, try to avoid the “step on mine”; even really want to buy a used BMW, You should choose those with mileage Cars at 40,000 kilometers or less, which would also be able to own Cars less bring some trouble.