Why do car repair shop in the 4S Will be much more expensive than in the street

the same pair of shoes, Nike Will be more expensive than no-name domestic many times, shoes are probably a domestic OEM factories, but affixed different brands, prices have a big gap, and Why because there Is a premium brand, consumers are blind, because they are not professional research shoes, they Will come to buy shoes according to brand that Nike Is a good, no-name domestic Is not good, if knowledgeable people to buy shoes , might look to buy quality, not necessarily see a sign, repair business Is also a reason, 4S Is in accordance with standard procedures must be strictly enforced, pay attention to the service and image, while street shops on that price, please pay attention to : Yung economic igniter

from the customer’s point of view, they only think about when can fix, how long after the warranty repaired, but in case they do not know any repair shop master powerful, they Will pick some facade looks magnificent, more and more people inside, which Will give them a practical sense, after all, ran out of the question monk can not run away temple. The street shops Will certainly be cheaper, but it Is a problem, the boss did not say quit.

so down, 4S shop to rent stores in a good location, a good point to be renovated, and a number of odd jobs to raIse the front desk, to invest a lot of money to buy each kinds of equipment, light and maintenance costs of these inputs, sharing down, so that maintenance costs have coming up.

Although there are some 4S store with some of the handicap to do maintenance and replacement parts, but overall, they are, after all, and manufacturers more closely linked, and I think long-term maintaining brand manufacturers, it Is generally not too tricky to play, may make you do a lot of maintenance and the like, but on parts and maintenance processes, or a set of standard management, in theory, be a little more reliable. The street shops Will not Care about that, would you choose the cheapest parts, and then everything was able to repair prevail, the weight Will give you the lowest price.

Of course, non-standard maintenance operations, maintenance when there Is a lot of uncertainty, the hospital and a reason to live, and not necessarily that big hospital treatment well your dIsease, but also a large hospital charges more expensive, but sometimesSome country barefoot doctors can solve the problem. Some 4S stores go by the process, what are the master of your 211 college graduates, but does not mean that these people Will certainly be a high level, and sometimes may not help you fix the Car.

servicing thIs industry, not to say that you read more on the powerful, nor that you certificate Will certainly take a much higher level, it needs talent a certain talent and sweat combine high levels, often entrepreneurs themselves, so some difficult problems, but these street shops can be resolved, and fees are low, but to solve the problem, repair it does not mean you Will definitely find a long-term to ensure that, if they run into can not be resolved, may give you the means to some of the dark black, skills and ethics are two different things entirely.