Why did the country a car repair shop owners are looking for him?

Let’s talk about the Car now RB1 Honda Odyssey Is not much modern technology after checking some small chassIs parts have rusted home state of replacement of some parts we use scrap pieces of original accessories combined engine part we just replace it simple the engine oil Is not large enough because if renovation repair Is better to replace machines more affordable

aging nozzle seal

more than 100,000 nozzle Is recommended washable

clean installed

in addition to Carbon

Triads cleanup we recommend to do a 1-2W km


ignition maintenance

coolant G48

for filling in

large gadget taste

to replace the brake hose and brake braking force can effectively improve several kilometers to a certain time you need to replace the original Car rubber tubing for a long time due to aging may cause rupture of the oil spill are security rIsks on the brakes braking force

braking force Support

axIs rust head

do protection

thIs connector design Is very clever

replace the brake fluid

replace the transmIssion oil

for a good oil

tighten the screws

As the guests want to be part of a vehicle modifications we recommend replacing only the lower body to replace the shock absorbers The appearance of a wheel traveling system upgrade problem since life Tianjin vehicle inspection Will be troublesome appearance modificationToo much trouble so we change it a little bit

Sundial Odyssey original 18-inch wheels

Because the Odyssey should pursue we APPLICABILITY front and rear height adjustment means for the longitudinal 1

comparIson with the RB1 or 18 inch wheels

one hundred Will be changed to

a lower cover 100 ugly

thIs time we Odyssey construction of the store to upgrade a bit hope you like

or did not take full

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