Why did BMW spare tire? LIsten maintenance man finIshed, the owner: buy the wrong car

Speaking of luxury Car brands, many people Will think of BBA three, although there are other brands of luxury Cars, but not as good as the three well-known, so whenever the money in the country Will consider buying products from three, to general that our Car Will be equipped with a spare tire, convenient way to replace use, most of them small-size tires, but the BMW brand Is more excessive, directly on the abolition of the spare tire Is equipped with so many owners are not satIsfied, Is it to save money or cost savings, people familiar with the industry gives specific answers.

For there Is no spare tire, most people’s worry Is unnecessary, because the situation punctures often when we travel, or appear flat tire on the freeway phenomenon, if there Is no spare tire can not walk, can only make the rescue call, but now very expensive high-speed rescue, they may save yourself enough time to buy a new tire, so many brands for spare wheel Is standard.

and even some off-road vehicles Will hang a large spare tire in the tail of the Car, but BMW has uncharacterIstically, and others Is not the same, Is worthy of a luxury Car brand , BMW stands to reason that the company Will not have the strength to save some money and not equipped with a spare tire, then Why did BMW spare tire? LIsten maintenance man finIshed, the owner: buy the wrong Car.

First, we must understand the types of tires, many do not need to use the spare tire, which Is not a BMW Car in order to reduce costs, BMW designers Is to understand the needs of customers, who can BMW owners can afford, many of which are rich people, not to save money on your replacement tires at high speed.

and would lower the BMW Car to change a tire brand, on the abolition of the design master Is equipped to solve the problem directly from the source, from now BMW are run-flat tires, which tire sidewalls even dIscouraged enough to support the weight of the Car, some of the design of a flat tire wall more thick, so do not delay use, can drive yourself to the Auto repair shop to replace or repair.

puncture at high speed on a very dangerous thing, because people often puncture a major accident occurs, the maintenance man said that if the speed of up to 160 words, puncture mortality rate Is the percentageThe hundred, run-flat tires appear to solve the problem, even if the tire Is flat, still traveling at a speed of 80, running 250 kilometers Is not a problem, security Is guaranteed, no need to stop at high speed on its own to replace the tire.

then someone asked, since the run-flat tire Is so good, Why are not other Cars popular for the simple reason that thIs tire price Is very expensive, are a more than 1,500 yuan, but also the hub of the wheel and the general not the same, removal Is very cumbersome, requires specialized wrench, general repair shops Will not, so the popularity Is hard, after all, we are all cost-effective to buy the family Car-based, who I Will not buy four tires models of six-seven thousand.