Why can not the overnight car repair shop on the take? After lIstening to the words of the old drivers, quick check!

Reprinted from one hundred Author: Kai Xu Car

In today’s society, people’s living conditions are getting better and better, a lot the family bought a Car, and we bought a Car after travel Is also more convenient. And the price of the Car compared to the previous years Is also really dropped a lot, but the quality also increased a lot, but anyway the Car Is a machine, and we also Will be some wear in the case of use of the process, or some other fault, and in the use of wear failure after a long period of time Cars are also appearing Will be more serious, and we are in peacetime, we also need the Car to a repair store or 4s maintenance repair shop, so we’re driving Will be more safe. And some people in time to repair, it may be because no 4s shop repaired the same day, Will put the Car on the 4s shop, go get until repaired, but the old driver said, the Car Is not on the repair shop in overnight, so thIs Is Why? After lIstening to thIs speech the old drivers rush to the Car to check it.

when we usually drive, and if you want more security are also often required to do maintenance of the Car, so the Car some performance Will be more good, and our Car there have been some failures in time, that Will always go to the repair shop for maintenance, a lot of master maintenance during maintenance, they may not have repaired the same day, so that also are We Will advIse owners on the Car repair shop, but those older drivers are not going to do that, even if the Car Is not repaired, it Will open the Car Is back, wait until the second day come back for repair. Does thIs one really have any “trick” it?

In general, our Car during maintenance, the time it takes are relatively short, both in the same day it Is able to take back, and thIs Is also usually the case in the most common, and Is no big problem, but sometimes some of the Issues the Car may not be easy to find, but more need to replace some parts, so He said that during the repair time might take a long time. At thIs time if there Is no dimensionRepaired, then the master repair shops are generally recommended that you park your Car here so when taking repaired again. But some owners waited two days later pick up the Car, opened the Car found the Car there was anything wrong.

since some time in the repair shop for repair to the Car, the owner of the Car might move some of the hands and feet, and owners We may not find at the time, but the look on after a few days you may notice something was amIss, but thIs case want to go back to the repair shop theory, then, Is very troublesome, and I believe there are many such cases the owners are also experienced, and thIs Is not a secret. So when the old drivers are also advIsed those new owners give the Car for repair, even if the Car Is not repaired, they should not be placed in the Car repair shop, even if the first two days to go until the repair Is possible.

But now all walks of competitive pressure Is very large, for such a situation has a lot of repair shops also Will not do, but no matter how Note that we still have to do a good job of prevention. So thIs does not know the majority of the owners have not encountered it in your life?