Why BMW no spare tire? After the maintenance of the master explained that the owners: BMW really Is a luxury car!

When it comes to luxury Cars, the moment people more recognized brand Is actually one of the few. The most common and familiar Is nothing more than BBA, Mercedes-Benz BMW Audi recognition in the country Is very high, the other second-tier luxury brands like Cadillac, Infiniti, Acura, Lincoln, Volvo, etc. or gap in sales on BBA’s still very obvious. However, relatively speaking from the hands of Toyota’s Lexus in the country Is still relatively popular, ES’s situation even increase to mention Cars.

However, overall, the BBA can not be ignored, Take Mercedes-Benz, the Mercedes-Benz S-class, E-class and C-class sales basically at the same level one of the best. In particular, the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, the luxury Car called a model of one million, the same level of BMW 7 Series and Audi A8L and its almost total defeat in the competition in sales. However, as the BBA, BMW naturally outdone, I do not know whether the owners noticed, that’s Why BMW Is no spare tire? After the maintenance of the master explained that the owners: BMW luxury Car really Is, to find out.

must first clear point Is that BMW Is not because there Is no spare tire secretly cut thIs configuration, it may be a lot of owners do not understand have thIs idea in the case of specific reasons. Indeed, BMW’s designers have thought it all themselves, they think in general people can afford to buy a BMW, often do not own to replace the tires, so instead of driving down the customer’s quality and taste. So, the designer Will simply be canceled and replaced by a spare tire more high-end tires, that Is, run-flat tires.

When it comes to run-flat tires, some owners mIstakenly believe that it Will not burst tire. Not so, explains the maintenance of master, learning called run-flat tires with run-flat tires, that Is to say, even if such a tire puncture half way up, but still open to the repair shop to repair, but can not travel long, otherwIse there may be security rIsks. In general, runflat tire of thIs wall Is very important, especially the relatively flat tire, it Is very thick sidewall, with respect to the normal tire puncture occurrence probability Will be lower. Therefore, after hearing the explanation of maintenance of the master, owners also said that BMW really Is a luxury Car.

It Is worth mentioning that the anti on the BMW puncture was first used in the BMW 7 Series, in 2005, when domestic new BMW 3 Series official use of thIs run-flat tires. And even if run-flat tires flat tire accident does happen, the Car Will not immediately lose control, electronic brake system Will be the first time to intervene, to help owners better control of the vehicle running. The run-flat tires puncture once, it Is more troublesome to repair, and the cost Is very high. In terms of price, an ordinary tire a few hundred dollars, BMW runflat often a need 1,500 yuan, if it Is some high-end run-flat tires, prices and even up to several thousand dollars.

In addition, owners should know that, once the Car Is in motion when a tire blowout, it Is very dangerous. Especially in the high speed when the vehicle speed reaches 120 kilometers per hour when it suddenly flat tire, many owners Will panic, do not know what to do, eventually leading to traffic accidents. In fact, now some of the high-speed accident on many of which are caused due to a puncture, but when the speed reaches 160 or more, when the mortality rate after a puncture up to 100%. Therefore, owners must promptly check the tire pressure in the normal driving, before the high-speed run to ensure that the tire pressure in the normal range, in the summer time can be transferred to low tire pressure 0.1-0.2 specified on the user’s manual. In winter the contrary, because of thermal expansion and contraction of the reason can be transferred to the specified user manual high than 0.1 to 0.2, so relatively safe.