Why BMW gearbox not only for repair? Inside deep water, maintenance instructors tell you the truth

With the improvement of domestic technology development and living standards, people in the choice of travel mode when traveling by Car Will always be preferred. Car travel has become a mainstream way of society, but the vast majority of Car owners how to Care for a Car, have a lot of questions. If you use a Car a long time, it Is prone to various problems. Some simple problems, some more serious problem. So when the repair, according to the price of the vehicle and the severity of the problem, the cost it takes Is not the same.

Although the Car in the high-speed development, there have been many middle and low brand, and the price of the Car also continue to decline. However, there are still a lot of the price of the vehicle for most people Is a high price. BMW brand in the Automotive industry belongs to the high-end, Car prices ranging from several hundred thousand to several million. So for many BMW owners, for the maintenance of the vehicle Is very important.

but it has a lot of driving on BMW owners, the vehicle drove into the 4S shop. Can learn through maintenance of master detection 4S shop, Is BMW’s internal transmIssion problems, maintenance instructors would recommend owners to replace a gearbox under normal circumstances. But a gearbox replacement costs about $ 100,000 for many BMW owners, they are all spending a small fortune. So there Will be a lot of owners for BMW gearbox, Why can not repair produced only for the reason?

The first Is the gearbox Is a core technology of the entire vehicle, belonging to the confidential commercial technology, it would certainly have been protected. Moreover, with the BMW gearbox by ZF it produced, so when maintenance, BMW officials have not provided any help.

Second Is the reason Why the domestic level and maintenance of the equipment. The current level of domestic and device status, if you want to manufacture a gearbox Is a very difficult thing, let alone to repair someone else’s equipment.

Finally, there Is the regular factory gearboxSource of the problem parts. Note that thIs problem Is due to entanglement sources and domestic interests of accessories, service points in the beginning Will choose domestic parts, and only in the country not the case, Will consider foreign imports, Will last select the original parts. Well, thIs time we need to consider whether the quality of the new replacement original parts can be reassuring, so thIs time Will need to weigh the pros and cons of the owners themselves. But if only it seems from the price, or cheaper service.

Of course, the replacement or repair needs to be selected Is determined according to a variety of reasons, for example, whether the vehicle Is within the warranty period, selected according to the situation or injury. If you have any other views are also welcome in the comments at.

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