Why Auto Repair want to change so many things? Really 4S shops in the pit you?

the kids, today we talk about the maintenance of things, as we all know, when the Car maintenance, usually just oil changes, filter and air filter, as they Will over time gradually lose proper role, in order to keep the Car to work, it must promptly replaced.

However, in addition to the above we mentioned, some older drivers also know the “three oil and three filters”, are working on Cars there inseparable role. And they also can be incorporated into aftermarket master often said that the “consumables” category, need to be replaced.

In fact, a Car wearing parts and many, perhaps a lot of novice drivers to confused, these easy to What are damaged pieces? Both are what cause they require frequent replacement of it?

First Is that “three oil”

and other “consumables” Is different from the physical properties of the “three oil” so that they can not be called parts, but as an essential part of the work of the Car, as drivers should also be concerned about the “three oil “the state and the timely replacement.

of said Automotive master “three oil “that oil, transmIssion fluid, brake fluid.

First, oil. That engine oil lubricants, as the name implies, it lubricate, reduce the role of wear and tear on the operation of the engine thousands of times per minute, the important thing Is evident. In addition to the lubricating effect of the oil inside the engine when the circulation, but also on the part dirt, metal chips, etc. friction circulating back through the oil pan, play a role in cleaning. In addition it has a supporting role to cool down, rust corrosion, shock buffering.

can be said that the role of clean oil, oil Is added to the new engine Will soon become dirty bear that older drivers say oil black. In addition, heat and friction of the engine oil Will gradually lead to failure, so when the oil reached the replacement level, to be replaced with new oil, to prevent the bad engine, resulting in engine wear or even scrapped.

different models of different oil change intervals, refer to the owner’s own Car maintenance trolley. In general the replacement cycle, domestic, Japanese Cars, Korean Cars oil and oil filter Is 5000 km or 6 months, the new German Car replacement cycle Is generally 7500/15000 km or 1 year.

Next, the transmIssion oil. We’ve all seen gears, Automotive transmIssion gear Is composed of many combinations comes, it Is the working process through different gear teeth “bite” to achieve, and in the course of such work Will ultimately wear, in order to reduce wear extend the life of gear, transmIssion oil it Is very important.

At the same time, now popular Automatic transmIssion and a torque converter parts, which work like a windmill, when air blowing fan windmill, a windmill rotation therewith. In the torque converter, the transmIssion oil just as the role of the air in the wind turbine.

and in the work of the gearbox, transmIssion oil also serves to lubricate and clean, and therefore, it Will gradually become cloudy and lost its role. In general, manual gearbox oil change intervals to 60,000 km, Automatic transmIssion oil change intervals of 120,000 kilometers, some models also use a maintenance-free Automatic transmIssion, no need to replace the gearbox oil.

Again, the brake oil. They not only run faster, they have to stop living, braking effect contributed. And you want to stop a speeding Car brakes in just tens of meters, power brakes should not be underestimated, in general, the sum of the braking force ordinary compact Car Is about 8000N-10000N, and in order to get such a big brake force, relying solely on manpower clearly undesirable, brake booster pump that played such a role. It may be a vacuum when the engine Is operating, hydraulic principle by the brake pedal force obtained exponential amplification.

in such an operation, the brake oil temperature rIses to 200 degrees or even higher, due to deterioration over time Will result in reduced performance, coupled with the brake wear debrIs generated by the pump and absorb moIsture in the air , the braking force Will be greatly reduced, or even failure, so in general, when Cars with 40,000 kilometers on the need to replace the brake fluid.

In addition to the “three oil”, produced by high-temperature engine coolant when work needs to help reduce, the Car Is also very important. The high temperature in long hours of work, the components of the cooling liquid Will change, which Will gradually volatile alcohols and exhausted, the boiling point decreases, the cooling effect also Will be worse, thIs time on the need to replace the coolant.

Come talk “three filter.”

“three filter” i.e. the air / tone filter, fuel filter, oil filter. Automobile engine during operation, and the fresh air needed to clean a particular gas composition ratio of the mixed gas, or combustion when a large amount of contaminants, some Will block the exhaust passage, some walls of the cylinder cause adhesion engine Is not running smooth. Therefore, before the air and fuel into the engine, it needs to be filtered, to ensure clean air and gasoline, and therefore there Is a fuel filter and air filter.

and Meanwhile, during engine operation the oil to lubricate need, in order to reduce the influence of impurities on the lubricating oil pump Will pump the oil pan into the oil filter machine, the impurities filtered and pumped to the engine crankcase provided lubricating.

acting on the air filter Is very similar to the air filter, which can fully impurity particles in the air filter and floc, etc., so the intake air conditioning system of the vehicle Is no longer the foul.

compared to the “three oil”, the “three filter” replacement cycle Is not very strict, as long as the filter Is not damaged , Is not very dirty, you can continue to use. But in order to let the Car stay healthy working conditions, reference drivers provided by the manufacturer of the replacement cycle maintenance can be replaced.

Third, the spark plug.

As we all know, the engine can output power, Is to rely on the combustion of gasoline, the storage of chemical in gasoline, can be converted into high-temperature gas push the pIston work, so with gasoline and air, but also can ignite them, the spark plug Is equally important.

As the name implies, it Is a spark plug to produce a spark, igniting the combustible gas components. And the spark plug normal operating temperature between 450 ~ 870 ℃, temperature easily lead to deformation of the electrode, the insulator cracking, and low-temperature environment so that Carbon formation Is easy sea around the spark plug, it Will affect the operation, at thIs time, it Is necessary to replace the spark plug a.

General, Common nickel alloy spark plug replacement period mostly 2 -4 million kilometers, part of the high-performance models with platinum or iridium spark plug life up to 80,000 -10 10,000 kilometers.

Fourth, the timing belt

probably do not know a lot of novice drivers, Car maintenance in addition to replacing the tri oil, three filters, spark plugs, engine belt should be replaced. In general, there Is a timing belt, water pump / alternator belt air conditioning belt three belts, hydraulic power steering of Cars and a booster pump belt on an engine, in which the timing belt Is most important for the engine, it can drive spark plugs, intake and exhaust valves, fuel injectors and other intervention work at a reasonable time, if the timing belt broke, the engine Will not work, and even cause engine damage.

timing belt damage may cause engine damage

in general, the replacement cycle timing belt Is traveling 60,000 kilometers, Today, many Cars have to replace the timing chain with the timing belt, its obvious advantages: durable, typically does not require maintenance. But the dIsadvantages are also obvious: when the engine Is running noIse Is too large.

Fifth, the brakes / brakes.

said before, the Car can safely stop live, relying on a powerful braking force brake assIst system provides, in a Car the deceleration process relies on friction brakes when the brake pad Is strongly engaged with the friction, the kinetic energy of the Car Is convertedWhen the work to overcome the friction of the brake system, and the heat generated.

Therefore, generally speaking, Cars 40,000 kilometers to be replaced when the brake pads, and some novice drivers do not know, in addition to the brake pads, brake dIscs Will gradually wear and need to be replaced, its replacement cycle Is generally 8-10 million kilometers.

VI tire.

and working brake pads and brake dIscs, similar to the reason Why Cars can depend on to get ahead Is to overcome tire rolling friction of the road surface , so tire wear surface Will gradually, over time, reduce the friction of the tires, “grip” effect greatly reduced.

in addition, long-term exposure to outside the vehicle tire, in wind and rain, but also aging, cracking, dramatically reducing its performance. Therefore, when the tire tread Is worn to the scale line, cracking or leakage of the tire rubber, the need to replace both.

VII battery.

the battery into the category of “consumables”, perhaps you feel incredible. Car battery currently used almost all lead-acid batteries, at the time of dIscharge, metallic lead Is a negative electrode, the oxidation reaction, Is oxidized to lead sulfate; lead dioxide positive electrode, reduction reaction, Is reduced to lead sulfate. Instead of charging the chemical reaction occurs, generate bipolar lead and lead dioxide.

It appears that such reversible chemical reaction of the battery, it can go on using the infinite loop, it Is not. In the process of charging the battery, the lead sulfate can not all be converted to lead oxide, they form crystals adhere to the electrodes, thIs Will reduce the contact area of ​​the electrode with the electrolytic solution also decreases the concentration of the electrolyte, the battery performance decreases.

, especially long-term excessive dIscharge, thIs Will accelerate the irreversible chemical reaction of the battery Is also uneven dIstribution of electrode active material resulting expansion tension at different dIscharge and fall off, which cause battery failure. Mobile phones, and other electronic devices like charging Po daily use, long time life becomes poor. Direct response Is not charged on electricity, especially in the winter, after a night you can not start the Car.

eight wipers.

many drivers have such experience, when driving rain hit out when opening the wipers, they found wiper become very poor, or even scratch Is not clean water, thIs time in relation to replace the wipers. And when reason and wipers work which always generate friction with the windshield, over time, the rubber strips on the wipers no longer clean, while the wind and rain also further accelerate its aging, eventually leading to not scrape the windshield rainwater.

IX. light bulb.

Why Is the bulb Is wearing parts of it? In the most common halogen bulb, for example, which uses the filament Is energized, heating the filament to incandescence light Is generated. And when the filament heating, a portion of the filament Will be vaporized gradually deposited on the wall of the bulb, the filament tapers final failure. In general, the halogen bulb life Is about 500 hours, if the Car Is always driving at night, do not even have a maintenance cycle to be scrapped. The xenon headlights of a longer lifeSome, about 3000 hours, LED headlamps theoretical life of up to 100,000 hours.

Speaking of which, are not you also feel how a Car Is not easy to keep up?