Why air conditioning stepped on the accelerator the car Will be buzzing? Summer should be how to use air conditioning?

summer driving always found the open air, but the air conditioning humming throttle most Cars Will appear abnormal sound, which Is what causes it? “Car Overview” to make a few summary.

cause the vehicle underpowered buzzing

Most people drive, if the vehicle speed Is too low, too high gear position, If the throttle Is not the lack of vehicle power? And the vehicle occasionally humming sound, and accompanied by overall jitter vehicles. ThIs signal Is very obvious that the gear Is too high, the drive Is relatively small, a low engine torque, vehicle acceleration with the engine torque Is insufficient, the engine rotation speed Is unstable, resulting in jitter entire vehicle occurs.

If the vehicle air conditioning, air conditioning compressors sure to do the work, part of the output energy of the engine needs air conditioning energy into the vehicle during acceleration Will certainly feel less motivated The engine appears Booming buzzing sound.

The method of dIscharging the problem, only downshift, the increased engine speed, and then accelerating, if eliminate the problem, which Is the main reason of the buzzing sound .

cause the engine fan Is operated buzzing

For vehicle, if the open air, engine load increases, the engine temperature Is sure to rIse rapidly, and in order to dIsperse air conditioning cooling water, vehicle power system cooling fans Will certainly be turned on when the fan Is operating, Will have a great voice, plus engine impact, hear buzzing sound in the cab Is not surprIsing.

conditioning compressor damage caused by an abnormal

If the air conditioner compressor internal wear, or foreign body, generated by the compressor rotational movement of the belt in the role, if air conditioning compressor abnormal rotation, the vehicle Will certainly produce abnormal sound.

And when it comes to air conditioning thIs matter, Xiao Bian still want to add that we in the summer when air conditioning use, How kind of need to do in order to fuel-efficient air-conditioning and easy, and efficient.

First, grasp the opportunity of good air conditioning

hot summer time, As long as it does not rain, just when you enter the Car, you should first open all the windows ventilation, while the open air (to switch to the outer loop, the first not to open compressor!) At thIs time, the outside air into the air conditioning Will Car, Car hot air Is dIscharged from inside the window.

Second, grasp the shutdown time to a good open air

air conditioning turned on, we cool breeze blowing slowly, side to open the Car, comfortably on our way. Then step down the air conditioning we know how much!

In fact, we recommend that in the last two kilometers before the vehicle Is about to reach the destination, you can switch off the compressor (AC switch) a. At thIs point in the air conditioning still maintain the hair cycle (when fans used it). Because the Auto body has a certain insulation effect, it Is possible to maintain the interior cool.

one can save thIs 2 km air conditioning fuel costs, and secondly the odor can effectively prevent the occurrence of an air conditioning system. Since most of the odor and wet air conditioning system can cause mildew from the evaporator, generated musty. So we need to keep the drying of the evaporator. 2 km before reaching the destination to turn off the compressor, to stop working of the evaporator, the evaporator surface Is blown dry cycle, it Is possible to prevent generation musty.

Third, the direction adjusting

When the open air, to wind up, because cold air Is sinking, you can go in and hot air rIsing, cooling speed Is the fastest. The air conditioning Is usually around 25 ° C, if the Car inside and outside temperature too much, people tend to colds.

Fourth, the air conditioning selected gear


Domestic air conditioning and refrigeration engineer Will tell you: the higher the wind speed, wind flow through the evaporator surface, the greater the heat exchange, the better. So you want to achieve maximum cooling effect, the most stupid way Is open to the highest lookout amount of gear.