Why after car maintenance fuel consumption rIse, not fall? Auto repair work to tell the truth, the owner: really cheated for years

Why after Car maintenance fuel consumption rIse, not fall? Auto repair work to tell the truth, the owner: really cheated for years! For those who often drive, they should know that if a Car after a period of use, it Is the need for maintenance, but there are some parts of the Car Is actually more durable top, so that the life of the Car Will be relatively longer but the Car there are some parts of the maintenance or Is replaced, it Will allow the Car to maintain a certain good running condition, but there Is such a saying that if the Car in time to use long words, Cars that fuel consumption in the future maintenance it Will become normal, but there are a lot of owners have said that their Car after maintenance, the Car’s fuel consumption has not decreased, but has become more, thIs in the end Is how it happened?

often drive people they are supposed to know that Car maintenance Is a very good habit, maintenance Is good, then for the Car Is very good, but Why Car fuel consumption Will increase it in the future maintenance of thIs phenomenon? Maintenance of the master say thIs for several reasons, the first reason Is that if the Car maintenance, we attach a lot of oil, then the oil inside the Car engine has not been possible to a crankshaft of the engine, in that case Will increase resIstance of the engine, if the resIstance of the engine Is increased, then the Car’s fuel consumption Will increase, and when thIs happens you, you may very well because maintenance personnel when changing the oil, they do not put all the old oil drained, and then joined the normal standards of oil, so that the inside of the engine oil Will become much more.

The second reason Is Car maintenance personnel, when their vehicle maintenance, especially when changing the oil, they joined the original and not the same oil, two different oils, their battle of Will be different, if you join a different oil, then the vIscosity Is too large, the same engine would increase drag, it also resulted in the Car Is moving process consumed more power, it Will naturally increases fuel consumption.

The third reason Is that the maintenance personnel in the maintenance of their Car when, replace the spark plug when not put thIs fireFlower superimpose installed, replace the spark plug after, if not tightened, then it Is very likely to lead to gas inside the combustion chamber containing a pressure leak, which also Will have some loss of engine power, it Is also in the process of moving to a very big motivation to exercIse, then fuel consumption naturally increased.

The final reason Is that it Is possible to replace the spark plug size Is not correct, in the Car to do maintenance, those who Care who they replaced the spark plugs and the original size of the spark plug Is completely different, so it Will not cause a fire or ignition point of difficulty, thIs Is the case, Will also make Car fuel consumption becomes increased.

so that’s Why the Car after the elapse of maintenance, fuel consumption increases but do not speak of reason, because there are a lot of owners, they really do not understand how the Car maintenance, so even if the Car maintenance when what Is not the right place, that the owner Is not completely out of the induction, so small series with when we suggested, in the maintenance of the time, you must go to those who fly more professional maintenance Car maintenance shop side .