Why after car maintenance fuel consumption but increased? LIsten to repair the master said, regret not knew

drove the Car after a period of time, be sure to regularly Carry out maintenance to repair shops, which can increase the life of the Car, and, in the process of moving can be more secure, timely dIscovery on each Car adverse circumstances kinds of parts, repairs as soon as possible, but a lot of people go to repair shops, maintenance after the Car, the Car Will find fuel consumption continues to increase, today let us lIsten to the maintenance of the master tell you the truth of which, many owners after lIstening to both suddenly realized, regret not knew.

Part of Car fuel consumption increase in maintenance and repair, mainly because of the driving route has undergone some changes, such as regular travel in the pit depression of the road, the Car Is moving process, energy consumption Will increase, but in addition to thIs reason, the following Is mainly these types of.

First, add too much oil. When the repair shop for maintenance, the amount of oil added too much, resulting in over a standard line, the additional resIstance of the engine increases, of which the main reason Is because there are a lot of friends who may not be professional, give the cleaning of oil process Is not clean, but because he did not realize that, so when coupled with the new oil, or in accordance with the original standard, which appeared excessive amount of oil in the case, presumably a lot of people after the increase in fuel consumption and maintenance are it Is because of thIs reason.

Second, the added oil and different from the original Car. Each Car has a corresponding number of oil numbers to add, because there Will be a big difference in terms of the degree of lubricity and durability, but there are a lot of people at the time to Carry out maintenance of the Car may have been added and different from the original Automotive oil, resulting in a vIscous oil reach in the Car driving course, it requires more fuel consumption, not only that, if a long time Is not found, then, remains so wrong way of maintenance, but also cause the Car to life great harm.

Third, there Is no spark plug well. There are a lot of parts on the Car, it plays a very important role, if usually not regularly feedLine replacement, or Is not well, it Will affect a number of other properties, like it than if the maintenance time, no spark plug well, it Will cause the engine to increase in terms of fuel consumption, because the spark plug plays big role, and it has played a firing effect, if not well, then, the collective and the pressure Will leak, so half of the power Will be consumed in virtually, and Will increase their spending.

Fourth, the original size and inappropriate. If at the time of installation to the vehicle-related parts, wrong size, it can make a big impact, such as more than just spark plug.

at the time to Carry out maintenance of the Car, must be to a more professional repair shop, do not in order to save some money, they pay more and let fuel costs, but also hope that the owners are able to pay more to have some relevant knowledge about aspects of the vehicle’s fuel consumption, maintenance found himself in later, when the increase in fuel consumption can be checked as soon as possible, and in a timely manner to adjust.

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