Why 4S shops and repair shop, do not take the initiative to the family car sunroof maintenance? The reason was actually a routine

Many people know that the Car Is out of maintenance rather than repair it, so regular maintenance of the Car Is particularly important, so many people have such doubts, and that Is what we are doing Car maintenance time Will do a comprehensive maintenance, but few take the initiative to the 4S shop skylight Car to do maintenance, Is it because skylight unimportant? The reason was actually a routine.

First, skylights maintain low profit margins

to know 4S shops and repair shops are for profit , not in doing public service and charity, so they Will choose a relatively high profit item, and then we do the maintenance skylight project, saying it plainly there Is no technical difficulty, so maintenance time, if the asking price Is too high, a lot of the owners are not Willing to bear.

Second, simple maintenance

especially for skylights in it, nothing more than doing the cleaning and maintenance, good lubrication on it, and not too complicated operating procedures, so generally speaking, we are the owners themselves skylight maintenance can be Carried out, there Is no need to spend extra money and effort to maintain dominance in the skylight above, and so simple, if shop asking price Is too high Is likely to be beaten.

Third, the use of the sunroof Is not high degree of

In the use of the process sunroof utilization Is relatively low, skylight in people’s sense of them did not have much need to maintain the necessary, nothing more than just talking about doing small series clean enough, but a lot of people want us 4S stores have broken skylight direct replacement to do, without giving us cause maintenance, so Will profits higher.

Therefore, Xiao Bian want to remind everyone, though 4S shop Is our best partner, but there are a lot of unscrupulous 4S shops and unscrupulous mechanic damage to our special skylights, and earn greater benefits, like thIs behavior, we must guard against.