White paint above the yellow dot how to do? A simple trick to easily remove, want to learn it?

A few days ago the Car wash, I happened to find a lot more thIs point my yellow face paint, crowded difficult to see, how are indelible rub. Do not know how it Is, then a Baidu know, all these yellow spots because of iron in the air, due to electrostatic adsorption on the surface of the paint. Plus a long time without washing, once rusted iron rain, it Is easy to produce the yellow dot. So how can I clean out the yellow dot it? Repair old driver of the Car wash specialized consulting shop owner, he Is so told me.

white paint above the yellow dot

Is that we need to prepare the Car paint remover iron powder, thIs can be bought on the Internet, usually around 20 bottle. Then we also need a lahar, thIs can also buy online, the price Is about 20. Well, these two things are ready, we can start the construction.

First, we first clean the surface of the body, and then take the towel, iron remover start spraying. It Is sprayed on the surface of the paint can, like 3-5 minutes, and iron remover Will yellow rust paint surface chemical reaction turned purple shown above, at thIs time we can take a sponge, wipe again the best.

with a sponge after Cawan, we use water to rinse the body can be. If there Is no clear yellow rust, the above steps may be repeated once. If there Is no clear yellow rust, then we Will use our “artifact” of the lahar.


, also known as lahar mud washing, be sure to use the time lahar soft with blIsters. The body should be kept moIst, remember, do not rub dry. We can assIst lubrication washing liquid, while rubbing the side of the body with a watering can to water spray. General stains, Will not rub a few out. As shown above, what Is black and yellow dots on a rub off effect of Leverage.

Car wash mud

that did not, rub off the black spots all stick to the volcanic mud, thIs time we need to rub it lahar, a change to rub the surface. Until the entire body all rub Is clean, a bit like scrubs ah! Spent lahar, we must be clean, dry placeNet box, next time can continue to use.

body after cleaning

how, after cleaning the body Is not obvious exceptionally clean and bright it! After cleaning, of course, it Is best to give the body to make a wax, in order to avoid re-absorption of iron powder in the air to the body. Also, I generally recommend one week we Will wash a Car, after the rain must immediately go to the Car wash, so that we can effectively prevent the Car paint yellow dot. If you do not open the Car for a long time, it Is best to buy a sewing. ThIs Will not only save the Car wash money, can effectively prevent the Car paint produces yellow spots.

After reading it, if you feel thIs article useful for you, welcome forwarding, message, add a little praIse! My next article Will teach you how to waxing the Car, I welcome everyone’s attention!