White car body but also because dirt worry you, do not go to the car wash to solve with thIs easy to get

If the time Is not long, or unknown contamination, it Is recommended first Car wash, a treasure to buy a bottle on asphalt cleaner. Generally can be cleared away, before I am due to improper parking, to coincide with the external walls of paint, resulting in full body flying paint, cleaning products Is through thIs very clean. Now the Car has been standing. Really decontamination artifact. If an stubborn stains or longer, by polIshing only to clear the way, the specific effect depends on the actual nature of the stain, the principle Is to use rough polIshing wax polIsh the paint, paint thinner magic dirt wiped surface. If you really can not afford treatment can not tolerate dirty paint, the body would be refurbIshed it, that Is, the whole Car paint. The whole Car paint, high cost, if not obvious, still not recommended. In recent years, there Is still more popular stickers change color film, you can always change color, color variety of new, original paint retains all hIs benefits.

In fact, it usually does not pay attention and Care about the finIsh, when the paint when paint appears slight aging, the rain Will penetrate the paint with the metal oxidation of (4S shop of long-term open-air Car park Will have thIs phenomenon). We just in time, a little late to finIsh RBI wax Is completely prevent such situations occurring. How to quickly deal with the rust off paint surface point of it? We do not worry, in fact, the method Is very simple! We look down slowly – when paint thIs happens, do not flicker need to lIsten to the Car wash polIsh or something, we just need to finIsh a bottle of online shopping rust treatment agent, about thirty dollars. Before washing the whole Car sprayed again, soak a few minutes, and so again when the paint appear purple water rinse on it. We do not worry about what Will damage the paint, because the Car wash Is also such a deal, and rust treatment agent may not have to buy your own good! Rinse the whole Car until after the fight Is over a wax, paint can be bright as new!

a treasure we can go to buy a thing called sludge, then buy a bottle of all-around water, and finally meet up with these two things together, a paint spray on, wipe back and forth on another paint, you Will see good magic, a rustUnder gone. After removing the wax over remember marked, so perfect, I remember every two months or so to play a wax, which prevents dust a little stick in the finIsh, they Will not have that kind of situation, the most important Is timely rain Car wash, there Is not the best Car parked under the tree.