Where Is the future direction of the automotive repair industry?

a clear understanding of the status quo identify the direction

In recent years, U.S.’s economic level to rIse steadily, according to the survey data show that by the end of 2019, Car repair businesses have more than 670,000, employing over 470 million people, industry output value of nearly billion. But in general terms, repair outlets in all regions of our country more, but generally very scattered, small but complete area, industry concentration Is poor.

a lot of garages or continue to use before the traditional business model, “a factory a shop”, are not chain stores or create brand idea. The reason a lot of garages to be very simple, all that comes with roadside shop or Auto parts store Auto repair, there Is no professional technical personnel and equipment, please employees are also not trained people, resulting in poor service levels throughout the store, technical conditions behind the phenomenon.

truly received professional training school, complete with practical experience in technical and management capacity of very few people, simply can not meet the needs of the market. 4.7 million employees in the country, only about 70% have mostly junior high school level, technicians are migrant workers, and staff really have the ability to detect and repair does not exceed 30%, so the staff structure, seriously affected further development of our Automotive industry. Because, as an Auto repair business owners, regardless of your size, should establIsh a sound quality management system and training of qualified technical personnel, changes in operational concepts, learn to innovate radically.

2, improve management awareness and technical level

with the continuous increase of the national Car ownership, Car repair industry occupies a very important function, so that the Automotive repair industry has only strengthened the management of change, getting better rather than getting weak. Its main duty Is to stabilize the workforce of the current main task Is to stabilize the team store, clear responsibilities of employees, change management thinking.

because most of the technical staff have not received professional training, even basic testing did not understand, let alone new technologiesLearn. So as the owner of the store, we must strengthen the management of technical training and assessment, in a short time so that they can quickly master the theoretical knowledge and new technologies, and improve the overall level of management capacity.

3, and improve rules and regulations to improve the quality of vehicle maintenance

a store, regardless of your size, you want to go on a long-term, vehicle maintenance quality Is the most important, and thIs Is the most important indicator of quality aftermarket industry. So, whether it Is new or old market, market, management quality are especially important. So you have to increase the quality of the management of vehicle maintenance, improve corporate rules and regulations, the process should continue to Carry out supervIsion and inspection, to promote the advancement of its technical quality.

(a) study the market demand to determine the direction of management

(b) training of highly qualified service technician

(c) changing the mode of operation of stores

(4) Standardizing and improve rules and regulations to ensure the quality of projects and services

(e) to establIsh a correct and good corporate image