Where good car to do maintenance? Roadside repair shop or 4S shop? They have to see what different

life, concerned about more than just the mundane. There are Car, Car maintenance Will become considerations. So where to go to Car maintenance Is good? Is unknown to the roadside repair shop or to the 4S shop? Today we talk about the difference between the two bars.

1, different spare parts procurement channels

Automotive parts variety and brand very much. 4S shops, Auto parts manufacturers by providing a unified, quality guaranteed.

while other parts repair shop Is hard to say. Some are original, other brands also. Quality and quality Is not guaranteed.

2, varying degrees of maintenance master professional

must have a professional basIs in the master 4S shop can be ensure product quality after Car repair.

and the master of other repair shops may be “halfway decent”, the lack of professional knowledge part, repair may be wrong. A small number of staff, problems occur when large, can not take measures immediately.

3, some models need to use 4S shop professional tool detachment

some models of parts, dIsassembly you must use professional tools. These tools may not have another repair shop.

Land Rover e.g., several components which must be removed with a specialized wrench 4S stores, a common wrench totally ineffective. Let’s imagine. When you go to the Land Rover ordinary repair shop, can not get the parts, had to go to the 4S shop, thIs Is not a waste of time.

4,4S store detailed vehicle maintenance records

4S shop service Is very professional, Car repair there are detailed records, other small repair shop can not do. So thIs Is one of the advantages of 4S shop. If you intend to sell Cars, Car maintenance records to show purchasers, we trust each other to see such a professional, specificRecord, a lot of shots Will certainly generous.