Where do maintenance when the car go? How to dIstinguIsh 4s shop and repair shop to see how old driver said

Today, for many people, buying a Car already Is a very easy thing, but for maintenance Issues or there Is a lot of controversy, if you go to 4s shops, then the cost Is too high, If you go to the general maintenance repair shop to do it, not how at ease, but many manufacturers have designed a number of 4s shop, the purpose Is to facilitate owners do Car maintenance, but also easy to deal with some problems, but there are some garages technology Is still very Yes, and the price Is cheap, thIs time we choose how to do? Look at the old driver Is how to say it?

look at the 4s shop, usually if it Is in the store to buy a Car, it Will enjoy certain maintenance time, that Is within a predetermined range in the maintenance of the Car, so long as no more than thIs time, thIs 4s shop Will give you a free maintenance or warranty, so at thIs time also does not suggest that you go out into the repair shop, and otherwIse spent the money on white and sometimes we do maintenance on the outside, if any problems arIse, to 4s shop when the store Will not admit, and it Is certain to bring their own losses.

If a vehicle accident, then go to the store, that Is more expensive, not to find a repair shop might price Is very cheap, perhaps most people for the sake of thIs Is cheap to repair repair shop, in fact, went to 4s shop, then all aspects of quality and can get some protection, if you go to the repair shop, then thIs Is not necessarily the first to say there Is a price difference, but the follow-up questions or 4s shop a little tricky.

Although the high 4s shop prices, but there’s maintenance staff are all professionals, through some training before induction, plus repair shop and other expenses Is relatively little expensive, but more the norm, many accessories are direct purchase from manufacturers, maintenance also have some protection if things go wrong, 4s shop Is quite impossible to allow customers to suffer losses.

so went to the store maintenance, or go directly to the repair shop to do, I believe we have a number of hearts, because if go to 4s shops not only in terms of quality guaranteed service Is also very good, if you want to be there for the quality of service makes you verySatIsfied, not only with a seating area, as well as tea water, it Is important also to eat, if the general Auto repair shop, then these are services you do not enjoy, and that if the quality problems, the loss the can Is the owner himself.

So where to go to do maintenance must be based on the size of the problem of the failure of their own Cars do not just blindly freeloaders, but more on economic loss many. If you have a better suggestion and experience can share it.

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