When you are away from auto repair shops and car drag the end how to do?

while away from the point of repair, the Car breaks down, then it Is a headache. Drag the bottom, foreign body chassIs really impact the speed of domestic road construction really surprIsed me. Attention Will make a big stone pavement or other protrusions close contact with the chassIs of their own vehicles, so it Is likely to cause damage to part of the chassIs located parts.

When the Car away from the repair site in the field or mechanical damage encountered chassIs for different fault conditions, using the following method to drive to aid repair of local conditions.

cylinder brake cylinder brake fluid leakage broken line, can be small cushion with iron, copper pipe joints in the cylinder, the line blocked , and then tighten the screws, clips or the fracture flat, plugging curling, so that the wheel braking action can not afford. But doing so may result in unilateral braking, pay attention to safety when driving.

lack of the master cylinder brake fluid, alcohol or liquor can be used in place of, instead of water can be used under special circumstances. Made up brake cup, the cup Is made up in hot water soak for 10 minutes to 20 minutes, to remove the oil component on the cup, so that the cup can restore the original size. Auto Repair Master Reminder: For the installation of armored vehicle chassIs, the requirements of professional Is very high, so the vehicle to choose a regular service shop.