When the car to the 4S shop to do maintenance, supervIsion in the workshop owners need to do? Maintenance of the master tell the truth

When the Car to the 4S shop to do maintenance, supervIsion in the workshop owners need to do? Maintenance instructors tell the truth! Now, with the people’s living conditions getting better and better, many families now have to buy a Car, then with the development of the times, Is now getting a lot quicker Car models are also in constant change, and now the market there are many on the 4s and repair shops have set up customer lounge room, then thIs Is the basic maintenance or repair time. Which can be sipping coffee in the lounge, playing games, the Internet Is also very pleasant, but there are some owners are not Willing to. After all, hIs Car repair, so he preferred to stay in the workshop, although the Car do not understand, but also to accompany the repairman to complete the repair and maintenance of the entire process, which Is exactly Why? let’s figure it out together.

the owner was Willing to stay on the workshop, the answer Is very simple, that Is, on the one hand the owners really understand the Car, so we chose to look at together and master look, here you can also ask some of the above Car repairman zero-step pieces, and so the role and purpose, or Is he really do not understand the Car, but do not want to be 4s shop to hang out, so it Is decIsive abandoned the rest of the environment, the whole plant should accompany the construction or maintenance of the master maintenance.

Car if it Is in the 4s shop or repair shop, said to be very large, then the local have some impact, then you saw all maintenance process, actually Is a very good thing, so not only can be made to the maintenance of the master some of the problems related to their own Car, you can also get solutions and recommendations, which also can learn a lot of Automotive expertIse, which Is very good.

However, some unscrupulous businessmen, so thIs Is a dream overseer wanted to show, thIs Is the case, Is also responsible for their own Car, they cite for example example, said first Car oil changes, we all know that there’s another oil after a period of time are also required to conduct a replacement, but if you were not there staring at it, people do not know in the end to how much you put a new Friends of the base there are some unscrupulous businesses Will not have to say it does not give you change, change Will select 1/4 or 1/5, and say realThen you also do not feel out of.

When it comes to thIs, I believe there are a lot of people Will when it comes to 4s shops, now and in the repair shop and workshop has a seating area to achieve transparency in the operation we even drink coffee in the lounge inside, you can also look to their own Car maintenance process, so can only say that the seemingly transparent, in fact, are opaque, after all, can produce some dIsgust from the middle, so caution Is good, after all, Is hIs own pocket, and the number of maintenance once 4s shop Is not a small sum. In thIs regard I do not know how you look at it.