When the car to do maintenance, go to the 4S shop and general repair shop which Is better? Come and look at it!

buy a Car now Is a major event in the life of many people, but due to economic conditions, many consumers to compare a limited selection of models. In the pre-election when the Car Is the result of a lot of hard thinking, then it Is a headache when you want delivery of the vehicle models, it can be described as physically and mentally exhausted! But if you think you can easily get the Car after, then you are wrong. Because in order to make your Car longer and better able to accompany you in the latter part of the Car, every time we go for a refueling and maintenance vehicles. ThIs oil costs over time Is a big expense, but maintenance Is also not to be outdone. Vehicle maintenance which also built the doorway, handled well it Will save a lot of money. So, the Car to do maintenance, go to the 4S shop and general repair shop which Is better? Come and look at it!

In fact, thIs Is also where two Car maintenance Is quite different. 4S stores because the docking directly with Automobile manufacturers, so shop all Car accessories are provided by the manufacturers of these Cars! ThIs original parts quality and reliable, what Is almost no problem. But the general maintenance of plant and set up as a private limited funds sake, not directly with the original manufacturers, so thIs kind of general store accessories are from different places, so that repair can not be compatible with the condition are more prone to .

and then store these two types of service technicians have a greater difference. After all, 4S shop vendors can get professional cooperation and technical guidance, the equivalent technical education, technology can greatly guarantee. The master general maintenance Is limited to those plants have technical level, basically relying on a master after a church, and then letting employees apprenticeship and then teach the next, but also in the garage level of knowledge that can come into contact with something more narrow. Of course, some lack of normal maintenance of plant maintenance seasoned master, but that too few people hard hit.

Then in the 4S shop repair, there was a problem what if your Car repair shop can completely find manufacturers of such cooperation to help you solve, when the change of the exchange, the repair of the repair, anyway, the last are by the vendor to pay. The result Is that such a process can gain the greatest degree of customer goodWill, to make them happy here then consumption. And general repair shop has notPreparation of such conditions, the ultimate consequences can be imagined!

But while the 4S shop has so many advantages, but there are still some people Willing to go to the general maintenance of plant maintenance. Because maintenance 4S shop Is out of your name, and those of the general maintenance of plant performance Is more kind. So, when you need the Car to do maintenance, according to the actual or to consider, as far as possible to spend less money to enjoy a higher quality of service.