When the car to do maintenance, do not foolIshly go 4S shop, it would be easy to get these

Reprinted from one hundred Author: Blue chubby when you fly drove

Car to do maintenance, do not go silly 4S shop, which they would be easy to get! We should all know that our life Is nice getting better and better, the Car in our lives Is gaining in popularity, especially to our lives has brought great convenience. To live better and better for every household, it Will have bought a Car on their own, we also know that people buy Cars become more and more for the motorIst might be Car maintenance maintenance and how much they understand it? Especially late vehicle maintenance Is not a small overhead, no matter what kind of maintenance, not to mention the parts and materials in the future as soon as you enter the 4s shop, light hours fee Is not a small sum spent. So in the end there any way to save a little money off of it? In fact, for some small problems, it Is possible to repair it yourself, that increases the understanding of the vehicle, but also not so much trouble, the trip a waste of money.

Effect of an illumination light gray. Some vehicles due to the use for a long time, there Will be chaos before and after the Car lights phenomenon, so some consumers Will think that they are aging black lights, should be replaced, but there may be room to have entered lights the glass, rather than going to replace, we can wipe with alcohol bulb wipe again to eliminate fingerprints and oil on it, thIs can extend the life of the lamp.

The second wiper blade abnormal vibration and noIse. Since the season and the wiper blade use reason and frequent, then for the wiper blade vehicles often also appear abnormal vibration, if it Is in the 4s shop, it Will be told for replacement wiper blade, should easily hundred and eightieth really too uneconomical, so the emergence of thIs problem, we can use the pliers and the gap between the rubber sheet at the wiper blade each joint maneuver to get smaller, and then check the wiper Is not aging, if aging, then Will have need to be replaced. After the start

The third morning, the engine Is jittery. We all know that to start the Car on the road in the winter time, You Will find the vehicle jitter Is very powerful, it also did not detect any problems to the inside 4s shop to check out later, so that the owner can try yourself a simple process. Bad work into individual cylinder, the door closed lax, engine oil failed to achieve the best working temperature, Will the engine of the vehicle Is a high-speed running motion abnormality way, high speed above may trip on the third gear and the fourth speed , the same effect.

The fourth air conditioning odor. New Car after driving for some time, Is also for air conditioning Will have a lot of meaning, especially in the summer and winter time, we know that it Is not convenient window ventilation, and at thIs time how to do it? Suggest that you 5 minutes before parking the Car, turn off the air conditioning turned on the natural wind, thIs can make the temperature in the air-conditioning duct before stopping rebound can be recovered to a normal attitude, but also to ensure that the temperature difference Will not stop after the condensed water droplets in the air-conditioning duct, thereby ensuring the drying air conditioner.

Replacing the fifth glass of water. I believe that for many Car owners, when they replace the glass of water Is to replace the shop side Is that few people, if you do not want one of those few people, then you need to be aware that thIs Is a very easy work, especially when a small glass of water loss, rather than the normal ejection time, only need to buy a new bottle glass of water, put the hood open on the left to find a marked sign of Gail glass and water spray, pour into the glass on it.