When the car to do maintenance, 4S shop Why not let the owners looked on? What’s tricky which


Car to do maintenance, 4S shop Why not let the owners looked on? What’s tricky, which

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Car maintenance thIs matter I believe many of my friends have experienced, if be able to develop a regular maintenance or repair of the good habits, potentially can increase the life of the Car. Within the warranty period, then many of my friends would choose to go to the 4S shop for maintenance, after all maintenance or repair 4S shop more reassuring, while the 4S shop warranty, vehicle owners generally make the reception area first to be a simple check to see if the appearance of such, so that owners already determined some scratches 4S shop Is not caused. After


4S shop Will Issue a work order, and confirm maintenance or repair projects and costs with the owner, then the owner of the signature, you can rest area to wait until the Car drove out of the maintenance shop. In thIs process, some owners because of reasons not worry, it Will get up ten million repair workshop for viewing, but many times 4S shop staff Will be courtesy of the owners, said: maintenance also need a little time, you can go to the lounge Wait patiently.

But there are also service shop doorway 4S shop, very eye-catching poster of “prohibited non-staff into the” warnings that comes here wonder when the Car to do maintenance, 4S shop Why not let the owner, watched? What Is tricky where? According to the usual theory Is concerned, 4S shop repair shop owners not to reason Why, Is also considered for the owners in a way, first in the entire service standards, 4S shop owners to make clear that there Is to enjoy in the lounge wait service, so there Will be a constant reminder of staff.

and secondly in the repair shop environment Is not how good, if the master maintenance during operation, accidentally spilled a drop of oil customers who , whose responsibility it be said, Is not clear, let alone repair shop air environment was not good in the lounge, so in order to consider the health of customers, 4S shop owners Will be required to wait in the lounge. But if that does not say whichIt Is not possible transmIssion of the dIsease.

The United States has an old saying: No gold no one Is perfect, 4S stores nationwide in each of them, there are plenty to be Carried away by the desire exIstence, and no guarantee that so many service personnel are 像雷锋那样 thIs sub-divided to their own thing, if someone With a little thought, such as oil Will not run out of their own detention, or Is a Car original parts replaced with a substitute, such a situation could not occur.

The last reason not to watch the side of the owners, those owners pretend to understand in order to avoid interference in the maintenance of master side, one would say that thIs Is not how in other words, one would say Why that removed, potentially increasing the difficulty of the work of maintenance of the master, to sum up, thIs has been specified in the owner would not let the side watching. In thIs regard you have any views, comments welcome comments! Note: Photos from the network, and I have nothing to do with thIs article, if infringement please contact the author deleted.