When the car to change a tire? Just check well the four points, Will be able to determine the

are consumables essentially Automobile tires, because generally Automobiles can travel, mainly by friction generated by the tire and the ground, driving the process given friction force, whereas when the brake friction adminIstration system power. So no matter at what stage, tires generate friction with the ground, that they Will lead to wear, in addition to friction, Cars and the natural aging process, external damage, etc., so that when to replace tires it? Just check well the four points, Will be able to determine.

1. See wear indicator

portion of the tire tread pattern called contact with the ground, these patterns a shape quite different, but no matter what the tire, there Will be substantially wear indicator, in which the groove pattern, the wear indicator Is not in direct contact with the ground, but with the wear of the tire tread, the tread wear indicator the dIstance Is shorter and shorter, eventually reach a state flush, then the time Is already wear limit, no matter there Is no problem with the tires, should be replaced, because a great impact on the Car’s brake wear pattern Will be.

2. The tire has no cracks

tires need to be replaced too deep cracks, especially the tire sidewall, the sidewall of the tire Is weakest areas, where the thickness of the thinnest, but not inside the reinforcing structure as described elsewhere, because the role of vehicle weight, Will squeeze the continuous sidewall Is adminIstered together with stress, including vehicle Is stationary when there are stress, a long time may lead to the inside of the cord breaks, and in the case of sunshine and the impregnated water, the tire sidewall Will have a lot of cracks, small cracks impact Is not large, but if a relatively deep cracks , and even if they should change the tire of.

3. Look tire production deadlines

In theory, the longer the dIstance traveled and the time of the Car, then the tire wear Will be more obvious, then more should be replaced, but in fact there are a few owners, while the Car usually very little Car, so the tires for a long time after, still looks very new, there have been no problems thIs does not mean that time does not need to be replaced, becauseThe tire itself aging process, timely tire in good condition, after three to five years, the aging of rubber, the strength Will fall to a large extent, it Is to be replaced, digital signs above the tire period, such as 1918 represents the first in 2019 19 weeks of production.

4. The number of tire repair

where punctures the tire Is not uncommon, thIs Is often tire repair tools Is to use repaired a few minutes, but some owners because tires were slashed several times, so it repaired several times, then again next time were slashed when, or replaced as quickly as possible, because when repair , in fact, also combined with not very close, if at high speed, the tire pressure Is too high lead to leakage occurs Is still very dangerous.

tires have to do Is actually very little maintenance, if you want to extend the life of that tire, tire wax can be used to do maintenance, tire wax tire can be cleaned, while inside the affinity of the rubber component, can penetrate into the tire, the increase in abrasion resIstance of the surface, and the tire watertight compartment wax has the effect of temperature, can delay the occurrence of cracks.

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